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Monaco Cameras Prevent Selfie-Accidents

It’s not hard to guess which country would be voted the safest in the world. There’s probably no need to hint that it’s a small country which is also a Principality. With approximately one policeman for every 80 residents and hundreds of cameras and excellent lighting providing twenty-four-hour surveillance – criminals would be foolish to target Monaco. Those that do find that the video-surveillance is often their downfall. Monaco has always led historically in terms of security. Did you know that Prince Albert I, during an international investigation into a jewellery heist, was involved in initiating the formation of Interpol – to coordinate major police investigations across borders? Subsequently, in current times, Monaco has led the field in video-surveillance.

Of course, the Principality’s cameras pick up some outrageous attempts by young people to amuse themselves, as well as providing the critical evidence that lead to criminals ending up in jail. One teenage daredevil climbed a crane in Monaco right to the top of its tower, only to be scolded when he reached the cabin – fortunately, the team in the cabin had been alerted due to video-surveillance. By sternly counselling him and warning him of the dangers, they hopefully have saved the youth from committing more stupid stunts – and possibly from seriously injuring himself or worse.

Not all these daredevil attempts have a happy ending – some result in real tragedy. Two young girls, very likely under the influence of alcohol, decided, after a night out on the town in Lyon, to scale a crane to take selfies. Sadly, 40 metres up, one of them slipped and fell to her death. Selfie stunts are a serious new cause of accidents, especially with teens.

Police vigilance and video-surveillance in Monaco is almost certainly reducing the number of youth accidents as well as preventing serious crime.

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