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Bold Heist in Monaco: Armed Robber Disguised as Elderly Man Steals Millions in Luxury Watches

In a meticulously executed robbery this week, two individuals targeted a luxury store on the bustling main Boulevard cutting through Monaco. Unfortunately for the store targeted, it was the Monaco Watch Company. The thieves made off with a reported estimate of €3 million worth of luxury watches. The daring heist, captured on surveillance footage, unfolded in broad daylight and left the sales staff in shock.

A Master of Disguise

The main perpetrator, donning a convincing disguise as an elderly man complete with a mask and cane, entered the store around in regular morning shopping hours. Surveillance footage later disseminated shows the disguised man seated inside the store, blending in as if he were a regular customer. As passersby admired the luxury watches in the store’s window display, the thief made his move.

The Heist Unfolds

Drawing a handgun from his blazer pocket, the robber threatened the young salesperson behind the counter, demanding that a bag be filled with the store’s most valuable watches. The scene, almost surreal, saw the thief hastily filling his bag with high-end timepieces while maintaining his elderly façade. After several tense minutes, he sprayed the area with what appeared to be an antibacterial solution, presumably to cover his tracks, before the video feed cuts out.

A Swift Escape

Outside, his accomplice awaited on a scooter. With their loot secured, the two made a swift getaway, heading first to Monaco’s northern border with France. Despite an immediate response from local authorities, the robbers had disappeared by the time police arrived.

Aftermath and Ongoing Search

The salesperson , though physically unharmed, was transported to the Princess Grace Hospital Centre for treatment in case of severe shock.

The store’s neighboring businesses quickly became aware of the incident, with one manager noting the swift police response and the gravity of the situation.

Public Reacts

Witnesses described the assailant’s elderly disguise and the unexpected nature of the heist. Despite the shocking events, the street returned to its usual hustle, though the shadow of the robbery lingered.

As of the latest updates, the perpetrators remain at large, and the Monaco police continue their active search for the brazen thieves.

The heist at the Monaco Watch Company, undertaken in broad daylight on the bustling Boulevard des Moulins, was executed with audacity and precision!

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