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Carnival of schools in Beausoleil

The yearly Carnival of Schools is a time of pure fun in Beausoleil.

A carpet of confetti covered the ground of the area of Moneghetti in the Principality of Monaco. Many small multi-coloured bits of paper had been thrown gleefully from a pirate boat pulled by a Jeep, or were thrown energetically by the groups of children. The parade took over the streets of the Moneghetti. And the reason for all this excitement? It was the event known as the Carnival of Schools, which took place recently in Beausoleil.

All in all, a total of 670 lucky children from the school groups Les Cigales and Paul-Doumer took part in the celebrations. They were accompanied and supervised by teachers, school directors, municipal services and facilitators, together with the municipal team, took over the Moneghetti area at this Carnival of Schools organized by the town hall.

The children were all dressed up in various types of costumes as part of the tradition of the celebration. They were dressed as all sorts of things, from cowboys, to favourite superheroes … and they enjoyed having a dance to the rhythms of the different types of music blasting joyfully from the ample sound system. But this celebration is not just aimed at school children and the associated school and government staff members. It is a chance for locals to be part of the tradition as well and to enjoy the celebration. Local residents were also able to take part in the fun and they, themselves, had a chance to throw a bit of the confetti. The event was clearly very much appreciated, as could be seen from the smiles that illuminated all the faces in the Moneghetti.

The carnival of schools is definitely a chance for the school children to have a lot of fun in Beausoleil.

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