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Dinner in the sky

This summer for a limited time diners will be able to enjoy a dinner in the sky in Monaco. A basket that can accommodate 22 guests around a table rising fifty metres above the ground will be available from July on the terraces of the Casino, so customers can dine with the stars. A meal surrounded by stars, with a star chef. This could be the motto of the concept ‘Dinner in the Sky’, a veritable dinner up in the air.

The gastronomic attraction announced in July in Monte Carlo. Twenty-two guests are seated around a table-basket towed up by a crane which raises it to 50 meters above the ground. Some 50 countries have already welcomed this patented project by a Belgian company, including Monaco, whose first time was in 2010 over the Port Hercules. This time, the spot selected is Monte-Carlo.

The set-up will be positioned on the terraces of the Casino to allow the table to fly three times a day (one lunch and two dinners). Participants will be able to dine above the rooftops of the Place du Casino with an aerial view over the Monegasque bay. Technically, the set-up can therefore accommodate twenty-two covers for each service. Plus three people in the kitchen in the centre of the table. For safety, each chair has a harness similar to that found at a fair.

Twenty cooks involved

“We propose a unique experience in a mythical location,” said Jean-Christophe Goethals, manager of the company “Just Unlimited” which offers the attraction for ten days, from 7 to 16 July.

Target clientele: “Everyone may be interested in exceptional meals, including tourists and residents, but also companies,” hopes Jean-Christophe Goethals. This open-mindedness must be accompanied with deep pockets. The experience costs 990 euros per person.

dinner in the sky

At that price, the team convened a group of recognised chefs to cook in tandem for the meals. Among them chefs of the Principality: Paolo Sari, Philippe Joannes, Marcel Ravin. And also the chef of the kitchens of the Princely Palace, Christian Garcia and the very newsworthy Philippe Etchebest.

A total of twenty cooks will alternate in concocting the menus on the mainland, which they then create in the air, in front of the guests, in an hour and a half.

“It’s not only a culinary challenge but also a technical challenge. We must not forget anything on the ground once the table rises,” smiled the Fairmont chef Philippe Joannes, who admits to braving his fear of heights for this project. “As the structure is hung from the top, we do not perceive it,” he promised. Amateurs will be able to try it out for themselves.

This will be an exciting summer in Monaco for the lucky and brave few who will partake in this dinner in the sky.

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