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Caviar dreams coming to Monaco

Flavio Briatore is bringing Assunta Madre and Caviar Kaspia to Monaco.

Owner of several establishments in Monaco, entrepreneur Flavio Briatore is pleased to announce the opening of the restaurant Assunta Madre, in partnership with the owners, a family of fish traders.

After successfully being established in Rome, Milan, London, Barcelona and inside the Billionaire Club Porto Cervo in Sardinia, the upcoming opening of the Assunta Madre restaurant in the heart of Monaco will seduce both Monegasque and foreign clienteles thanks to its array of dishes prepared with passion. The restaurant will feature a remarkable menu based on fresh fish and seafood, coming exclusively from Terracina, one of Italy’s regions best known for the freshness and quality of fishing.

Flavio Briatore at Cipriani Monte-Carlo
Flavio Briatore at Cipriani Monte-Carlo. Source:

Flavio Briatore commented, “We are very pleased with this collaboration with the prestigious Assunta Madre. Our international clientele is very demanding and the excellent quality of Assunta Madre, combined with the service of Billionaire Life and our knowledge of Monaco, will be the perfect formula.”

The restaurant is located on the second floor of the Grimaldi Forum, in a discreet and refined setting, with a beautiful terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The locale will be open every evening.

Many celebrities have already fallen in love with the quality of the cuisine and atmosphere of Assunta Madre: actors Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman and Owen Wilson, singers Will.I.Am and Pharrell, and director Quentin Tarantino, among others.

Bernie Ecclestone (left) pictured with Flavio Briatore at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix (LAT Photographic)
Bernie Ecclestone (left) pictured with Flavio Briatore at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix (LAT Photographic) Source:

Flavio Briatore wanted the restaurant to be associated with the prestigious brand Caviar Kaspia, a restaurant which has been the highlight of the Place de la Madeleine in Paris since 1927.

Caviar Kaspia, which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, is continuing its festivities and once again creating a fantastic event. After a successful pop-up in New York, Monaco will be only the second city in the world to host Caviar Kaspia ─ a name synonymous with luxury and chic evenings, and the ‘place to be’ in the world of fashion.

Caviar Kaspia is preparing for the opening of its ‘Datcha’ where its inimitable style and elegance will be combined with a summer twist for a unique and timeless experience.

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