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Celebrating the 10th Wedding Anniversary of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene, a Beautiful Coin

They are going to be swept up in all probability, so high was the interest. The clamour was over the limited edition sale of a coin dedicated to the 2011 marriage of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. And in this case it is the 10th anniversary of their wedding that this gleaming 2 euro coin is celebrating. But there are only fifteen thousand of them minted.

And even before the issue was ready for purchase at 120 euros per coin, there were well over eleven thousand passionate buyers registering to be the first to own the coin when it became available this month on October 6th. 

Portraits of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene 

It was put on sale on the website of the Monaco Stamps and Coins Museum (www. Take a look. The face of this unique piece combines the portraits of Prince Albert II and Charlene in the foreground. At the bottom, in French, is the mention “2011 Princely Marriage 2021″ and, at the top, the name of the issuing country, of course “MONACO”.

The coin was struck by the Monnaie de Paris, Mint. Typically such a beautiful piece is destined to become a collector’s item.

The Museum of Stamps and Coins, prior to October 6th, had put out this notice to publicize the issue, and notably that only one box set per person would be available.

A beautiful 2€ proof coin will soon be available for sale, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the marriage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II and Princesse Charlène. The limited issue allows only one purchase per person registered. Please check that your information is correct, and change as soon as possible if necessary, special characters that aren’t compatible with computer processing are also to be deleted. After the sale it will be too late to proceed to any change.

The commemorative coin will be available Wednesday October 6, 2021 at 10 am, on the website exclusively. In the case of any fraud or attempt of fraud regarding the uniqueness of the order, the Stamps and Coins Museum reserves the right not to honor the order.”

It is always worth a visit to the Museum of Stamps and Coins of Monaco where they exhibit the private collections of Prince Rainier III of Monaco (founder of the museum): rare stamps from the history of Monaco, coins, medals and banknotes, etc.

They may even have this new coin on display soon we hope and many others to show you. 

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