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Celebration of PRIDE month at the Stardeck with Stars’N’Bars, Fight AIDS Monaco and Barclays Private Bank

To celebrate the Pride everyone should feel in expressing who they are every day, Fight Aids Monaco, Stars’N’Bars and Barclays Private Bank, hosted a cocktail party in honour of PRIDE month on Thursday June 2nd at the Stardeck of Stars’N’Bars.

The organizers had the honour of welcoming 80 people. This unprecedented evening in the Principality brought together LGBTQIA+ people living and working in Monaco and anyone else wanting to show their solidarity. Many participants wore stickers in rainbow colours, symbols of the community.

cocktail party in honour of PRIDE month
Photo by Frederic Nebinger

Fight AIDS Monaco 

Fight Aids Monaco is an association that has been supporting people living with HIV since 2004, recognizing each person’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

Like its President, H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, the association condemns all forms of inequality, discrimination and violence against all people, including LGBTQIA+ people. Fight Aids Monaco supports equality and considers that defending this principle is everyone’s business.

cocktail party in honour of PRIDE month
Photo by Frederic Nebinger


For nearly three decades, Stars’N’Bars restaurant on the port of Monaco has been committed to ensuring that everyone who passes through its doors is treated with respect and tolerance, in complete equality.

The motto of STARS’N’BARS is “Do what you love, love what you do. Make a difference,” but there will never be any difference in how fellow citizens on this planet are treated by STARS’N’BARS, all always with respect and equality. 

Barclays Private Bank is a bank committed to the LGBTQIA+ community and supports its customers and colleagues across the broad spectrum of sexual and gender diversity. Barclays recognizes that sexual orientation and gender identity are only part of who people are and wants them to feel equally accepted. Through initiatives, activities and networking for its employees, Barclays stands out and has already received nominations from organizations such as “Stonewall” ( symbol of resistance to social and political discrimination ) and “Human Rights Campaign”.

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