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Charlotte Casiraghi publishes Philosophy Book with Robert Maggiori

Charlotte Casiraghi has recently published a book with her former philosophy professor Robert Maggiori entitled Archipel des passions. In the book, which the Princess dedicated to her father Stefano Casiraghi, who passed away in 1990, Charlotte Casiraghi and Robert Maggiori question the passions that drive us all. Like love, which Charlotte Casiraghi has always made the central subject in her life.

A pupil, a teacher and an infinite amount of discussions

The idea to put the thoughts which germinated in their discussions into writing came to Charlotte Casiraghi and Robert Maggiori because these discussions, which often went all over the place, always returned to the question of what affects us all. The book discusses sensitivity, borders or the absence of boundaries between emotions, their logic and sometimes their confusion. It then appeared to them that all our moods formed a set of solidarity islands, connected by a magnetic current of desire, which weaves invisible chains between them. It is this archipelago that they undertook to map out.

The book, which reads like a little treatise of the passions, is composed of about forty entries (Love, Cruelty, Patience, Modesty, Disgust, Adoration, Admiration, Arrogance, Mercy, Fraternity, Sweetness, Boredom, Sadness, Jealousy, etc.), anchored in philosophical knowledge, accompanied by finely chosen reading guides and written in a simple and clear style.

Charlotte Casiraghi holds a graduate degree in philosophy and is devoted to the subject, wanting to make Monaco an epicentre of reflection via the “Monaco Philosophical Meetings” an event also co-organized with Robert Maggiori, who is a philosopher and literary critic at Libération.

The 336 page book is published by Editions Seuil and is also available as an e-book.

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