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Charlotte Casiraghi supports the philosophical debates of Monaco

Last year was a success for the first series of philosophical debates around love. This year the instigator the Philosophy forum, intends continuing – on the theme of the body – to anchor philosophical reflection in Monaco.

They’re a bit like the 3 musketeers. 4 of them (Joseph Cohen, Raphael Zagury-Orly and Robert Maggiori) have created this philosophical gathering in Monaco, for the second time. The principle is very well thought out, and is a great social initiative. Every month over a year, those who are capable of thinking gather to hear a line of thought, and debate. Last year’s topic was around love, and we can guess this was a popular theme, thought drawing many.

The first episode’s guest philosopher to be hosted by the musketeers was Jean-Luc Marion, member of l’Académie Française (the most intellectual circle in France). Charlotte Casiraghi believes that “Philosophy sharpens our intellectual flexibility of the thought”. Charlotte is thriving to have this philosophical circle grow, and be part of Monegasque intellectual cult.

The theme chosen around the body, seemed to be a logical choice following that on love. How the body takes a central place in our everyday life, with the divers views on the suffering body, technology and the body, plastic surgery. The interesting thing on this topic will be to include the medical corps to the philosophical debates, and hear the thoughts from a scientific perspective.

On another level, they will be introducing the concept to the young minds in CM2, in preparation of introducing them to philosophical thoughts and future dialogue.

This concept will hopefully see a global trend in encouraging groups of philosophical thoughts. Exporting the concept is something that Charlotte Casiraghi, has really thought about.

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