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Chip Off the Old Block: Casino de Monte-Carlo Dominates the European Dealer Championship

In a vibrant setting in Venlo, in the Netherlands, the European Dealer Championship 2024 unfolded. It was a spectacular display of skill and elegance, where the finest casino dealers from across Europe competed fiercely for top honours.

The event saw 37 of Europe’s most talented dealers, hailing from 21 countries, showcasing their prowess in classic games like blackjack and roulette, as well as in specialized skill challenges. Over three days, these professionals had to demonstrate their expertise in game control, communication, and technical skills, all under the watchful eyes of a panel of international judges.

Casino de Monte Carlo Emerges the Supreme Winner

Amidst this intense competition, Noémie Serra of Casino de Monte-Carlo emerged as the standout performer, capturing the title of European Dealer Champion 2024. Serra also clinched first place in the cutting chips challenge, highlighting her versatility and precision.

Reflecting on her victory, Serra shared, “Being a croupier is the best job in the world. I am so thrilled to take home the top prize. I came through the dealer school for Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco in 2018 and have worked there ever since. It was an honour to represent them in this competition. My father also works as a dealer for SBM, so I suppose you could say that being a croupier is in my blood. The tournament has been intense and exhausting, but all the competitors have been so supportive throughout the event.”

The competition also recognized the achievements of other exceptional dealers. Jamie Cummins from London’s Crown Casino secured second place, while Asa Ekerot from Casino Copenhagen took third. Additional skill challenges saw winners like Tsvelan Kritonov Yanchev from Cyprus for best chipping and Marco Skorjanic from Austria for best card handling.

Organized by the European Casino Association (ECA), this annual championship is renowned for bringing together the elite of the casino industry.

The championship not only celebrates individual excellence but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among the participants. Dealers from different countries exchange ideas, share their experiences, and forge lasting connections, highlighting the event’s spirit of teamwork and collaboration.

The next Championship will be held at the Grand Casino Lichtenstein from June 16 to 19, 2025.

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