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City Council donates vehicle to Camille Gottlieb’s Be Safe Association

Camille Gottlieb, President of ‘BeSafe’ was presented with a brand new vehicle, donated to the association by Monaco’s City Council. In June, Mayor Georges Marsan and Deputy Chloé Boscagli Leclercq received Camille Gottlieb and five members of the young Monegasque association at City Hall.

A Toyota Hiace, with a capacity of 8 seats, was donated to the association. The vehicle which previously belonged to the City Council fleet.

“Your message is primarily aimed at young people to warn them and raise their awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving, and I am sure you are excellent messengers by using the right words and targeting the right actions. I am sure that this vehicle will be used wisely and I sincerely hope that it will help you to make the shuttle system durable to allow young and old alike to return home safely,” highlighted the mayor, according to the press release.

🚌🔑 Un grand merci à Mairie de Monaco pour avoir offert à notre association une navette et aussi merci à la CMB d’avoir permis de financer le floquage et l’assurance de la navette!

Опубликовано Besafemonaco Пятница, 19 июня 2020 г.



BeSafe, created in 2017, fights against the dangers of drinking and driving with a system of free shuttles, available at bars and clubs in the Principality, in order to bring people who have been drinking safely home.

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