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City Hall Cultural Projects

The Monaco City Hall is proud to present its new upcoming cultural projects. Exhibits, shows, showcasing heritage: the cultural branch of the City Hall is simply buzzing with plans for the new year and beyond.

The branch is described as “very active and always present” by Françoise Gamerdinger, deputy mayor for culture, and she is proud to unite five elected representatives and six delegations in the municipal culture hub, “for large-scale projects”. These include the Espace Léo Ferré, the Academy of Music, the School of Visual Arts, the Exotic Garden and the Media Library. Here is an overview of major projects in 2017.

The archives of the Media Library

Subscribers know that the Media Library is prolific in terms of activities and events. This season, it will try to capture an active audience with presentations of photographs or films on Wednesdays at 7 pm. This should tide us over while we await the Media Library’s major heritage exhibit this summer.

“We chose the theme of everyday life, industry and neighbourhoods from the end of the nineteenth century through the mid-1950s,” explained Beatrice Novaretti. “We have done this by drawing from all the documents in our possession from the regional fund.”

In the medium term, the Media Library is already mobilising its teams in the preparation of a new facility, under construction at l’îlot Pasteur.

“We want to adapt to these new premises, surprising our readers with different things.” The space opens in 2020.

In the memory of Umberto Bassignagi

His name was Umberto Bassignagi. Originally from the Tuscan village of Fivizzano, the sculptor lived and worked in the Principality between 1907 and 1939. In his studio on the Boulevard Charles III, he carried out numerous monumental commissions to decorate the graves of the cemetery. He is also the creator of the statue of St. Nicholas on the small square of the same name. This year, the Council intends to highlight the work of this discreet artist.

“Shining a spotlight on his work could also result in the organization of guided tours of the cemetery,” hopes Henri Doria.

City Hall Cultural Projects
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The Academy of Music prepares a CD in Monegasque

It is one of the most ambitious projects of the Academy of Music, which has set itself a cultural and artistic mission. Among the 100 events and concerts that mark its calendar, in June a CD of Monegasque songs will be published. It will be a musical project led by Karyn Ardisson-Salopek, sung by the students of the Academy Choir, and accompanied by the musicians of the Philharmonic. The album is being finalised for distribution at the beginning of the summer.

Public workshops at the Bosio Pavilion

Alongside its training in art and design, the School of Visual Arts continues to develop public workshops in various artistic fields for adults and children. “We have between 250 and 300 students. Some seek leisure, others wish to share knowledge,” said director Isabelle Lombardot.

During the February holidays, for example, a training course on mould casting will be offered to young audiences. And for the first time this year, in celebration of Heritage Day, the results of these workshops will be on display on the grounds of the School.

Monaco City Hall certainly has a fine range of new cultural projects up its sleeve for the coming months, giving locals much to look forward to in 2017.

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