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Commission for Franco-Monegasque Cooperation: Monaco Hosts High Level Delegations

Good relations with Monaco’s neighbours are highly valued by all Monegasque citizens and residents. It is one of the benefits and pleasures of living in Monaco. There are particularly close and special relationships between the two countries Monaco and France which are supported through a special Commission for Franco-Monegasque Cooperation.

This Commission was established by the Treaty of 24 October 2002 and this year’s meeting, the 10th meeting of the Commission between the two countries, was held in Monaco in January 2018, chaired jointly H.E. Mr. Serge Telle, Minister of State of the Principality and by H.E. Mr. Maurice Gourdault Montagne, Secretary General of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

There are many areas in which Monaco and France cooperate to advantage. This is reflected in the size of the delegations that are part of the Commission and the range of governmental activities they cover. Both countries sent top-level teams. The Monegasque delegation was comprised of all the members of the Government, and the Ambassador of Monaco to France.  The French delegation included the Ambassador of France to Monaco, as well as the Secretary General of the Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes and the Sub-Prefect of Nice-Montagne. And they set to work with a packed Agenda including the following subjects:

Housing and Property – French citizens have housing needs in Monaco. Monegasques owning property in France and with property income in France need to know how that income is treated in the social security system.

Transport always features highly in these discussions including the feeder ramp to the motorway around Beausoleil, and the automated speed control system on the motorway and how to deal with speeding offenses.

Increasing business opportunities and particularly for Monegasque companies seeking French Government contracts is always a worthwhile goal.

The “catchment” area around Monaco is a hive of activity; French residents and Monegasque residents are working, commuting, collaborating, socializing in constant contact with each other. Government policies to smooth all these important interactions between the residents of the two countries features as a high priority in the discussions. There is a consensus to approach this strategically and importantly to bolster cross-border cooperation and security.

There is the subject of Monaco formalizing its relations with the EU via an Association agreement and how this impacts bilateral treaties between Monaco and France;

And there are two additional areas for fruitful cooperation in Health Care and in Vocational training:

The new Palliative Care Centre at Princess Grace Hospital could benefit from hosting additional medically qualified interns;

Measures to boost training for Monegasques not in full employment were discussed.

It is no surprise that the delegations were kept very busy indeed. The discussions were cordial and constructive against the beautiful backdrop of the Principality and the sea.

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