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«Courage – Dedication – Sacrifice» Monaco’s Fire Brigade Celebrates a Tradition: Helmets at the Ready

Did you know there are already over 140 members of the Monaco Fire Brigade ready to protect us at all times and safeguard the Principality. They all share a bond and are united by the motto of the Corps: “Courage – Dedication -Sacrifice”. It doesn’t stop at just 140+ members. Monaco takes this duty to protect us very seriously and is adding to the Force. 

Five Months Intensive Training 

It takes an intensive five-month training course and another eight young recruits of the Commandant Bagaglia promotion are ready to receive their «spurs» and join the Fire Brigade. 

Better than spurs they receive something so much more useful nowadays in a special ceremony – it is their protective helmet. 

On Monday, October 26, 2020, the Monaco Fire Brigade was assembled on the Campanin Square in Fontvieille for this ceremony, in military formation, for the presentation of the helmets to the young recruits and also awards for deserving Corps personnel in attendance. 

The ceremony was led by commander Lieutenant-Colonel Fassiaux, Head of the Corps, in the presence of Mr. Patrice Cellario, Government Counselor-Minister of the Interior, and Colonel Tony Varo, Superior Commander of the Public Force.

The handover of the helmets is an important tradition which is solemn and symbolic, by the «godfathers» and in front of all their families. 

On this occasion in addition to the traditional ceremony Father Venard, chaplain of the Force Publique, blessed the helmets.

Special Testimonials 

Testimonies of satisfaction from HSH the Sovereign Prince, His Excellency the Minister of State and the Superior Commander of the Public Force were presented. 

In addition, letters of congratulation were forwarded from the Chief of the Corps for prior fires heroically fought and extinguished:

  • a fire in the covered parking lot on January 15th and 
  • a violent apartment fire on April 9th 

Congratulations to all our brave Firefighters!

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