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Covid19 : Seventh meeting of Joint Monitoring Committee

A seventh meeting of the COVID-19 Joint Monitoring Committee was held last week at the Ministry of State. The Prince’s Government discussed with members of the National Council the decisions that have been taken and are still to be taken in view of the health crisis and the resulting social and economic impact.

The Prince’s Government informed the National Council representatives that it had begun implementation of a targeted testing strategy. The aim is to gradually test the entire population.

The discussions also provided an update on the process for slowly exiting the lockdown, a process begun on Monday 4 May in the Principality. At the end of the fourth day of the gradual resumption of activity in Monaco, the results are satisfactory. All businesses, which have restarted their commercial activities and are open to the public are complying with the health requirements.

Covid19 : Seventh meeting of Joint Monitoring Committee

Traffic is gradually increasing without causing any particular difficulties. Finally, the border checks being carried out by the police in conjunction with their French counterparts have restricted people coming into the Principality to those drivers who can prove that they need to enter the country for work.

The members of the Government and National Council representatives also exchanged views on the resumption of economic activities and the phases of state support for businesses affected by the health crisis. On this subject, information about the situation faced by employees in the entertainment industry was shared.

Covid19 : Seventh meeting of Joint Monitoring Committee

Discussions also covered issues relating to the travel of Monegasque nationals and residents in France. The Prince’s Government is in touch with the French authorities to ensure that sufficient legal protection is in place for such travel to Monaco’s neighbouring country.

Finally, meeting participants addressed the issue of transport and public car parks in light of the lifting of the lockdown in France on 11 May. Currently, the Principality’s car parks are a long way from being used to their full capacity. The availability of transport is also gradually increasing. Monegasque Bus Company (CAM) services are operating to a normal timetable during the day, while SNCF is set to increase the number of trains serving Monaco over the coming days.

The next meeting of the Joint Committee will be held on 14 May.

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