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UPAW: street-art artists in Monaco

On July 15th, Monaco started a real paint game, its name is UPAW; 9 of the best street-art artists from all over the world created “live” canvases on the port Hercules. 10 separate walls were designed to enable modern art masters to visualize their vision on the theme of “Protection of the Ocean“. Prince Albert II came up with the idea, already being a well-known supporter of environmental protection, notably the protection of the ocean from industrial pollution.

UPAW was held in the Principality with the collaboration of WSM EVENTS (Welcome Service Monte-Carlo), WIZART AGENCY and Speerstra Gallery. It is important to note, that all the paintings, created during the event, will be sold at an auction in Monaco on July 16th. With the support of the auction house Artcurial, the Monaco town hall and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, all proceeds will be donated to charity.


Artists from 9 different countries, such as Russia, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, USA, France, Spain, Germany and Monaco, gladly demonstrated their talent to the public. Surprisingly, during the “creative platform” on the port of Monaco, the spirit of competition disappeared! Quite the contrary! A friendly atmosphere dominated the scene; people dancing to the hip-hop beats, an artist sprays paint ona canvas, and another one, smiling, “borrows” two spray paints in different shades of blue from him. When asked if you work together, artist answers: “No. But we share everything here.”


In between drawing the outlines of his next street-art masterpiece, a self-taught artist from Monaco, Mr Oneteas, spent some time with HelloMonaco, to talk about his charity projects, inspirations and attitude towards contemporary art.

“If I calculated the number of charity projects I’ve taken part in, I would definitely lose count, I think, it might be about 50 or 60. I’ve already worked with the Prince Albert II Foundation before, UPAW is my 3rd collaboration. My biggest work in the Principality is a “monumental fresco” of 600 photos of people who work for the Principality, people we never hear about. It was posted on the Ni-Box building above Twiga.

I started with graffiti in 2005, and professionally plunged into street art in 2011. I’m inspired by everything that happens around me, because today our society is full of positive and negative vibes, which I “pick” and reincarnate in my work.

In my opinion, the future of street art is in the hands of someone who sees: if our work is considered museum art, this will obviously motivate me, and if not… I will never stop creating.”


Three colorful canvases decorated with dynamic, almost-alive abstractions express the work of the Russian artist Alex Kuznetsov. Out of all the artists, he was the fastest in creating his masterpieces. Alex is a very active person and, apparently, monotony does not attract him at all. HelloMonaco was pleased to get to know more about his art and professional point of view when it comes to street art.

“I formulate the balance in color and shape very quickly. I never name my work, I think it’s not truly necessary. After all, my canvases are sold all over the world: in Russia, France, Switzerland, the USA, and Spain. I’m here in Monaco for the first time, but I don’t think it’ll be the last time! I’m curious to understand what is going on here in terms of art and people; it’s very interesting to me!

For me, street art is one of the directions of monumental art; it has existed under different names for more than 1000 years. Only its form, plots, buildings and the format of public expression has changed. It was, it is and always will exist! “

UPAW: стрит-арт художники творят в Монако

Curiously, the objects on sale at the auction in Monaco were not only paintings, created by artists, but also suitcases. Yes, you heard it right. The manufacturer of travel bags TUMI TLX, provided each artist with one travel bag to “decorate” in an artistic way. The result was something very unusual and original. And, who knows, maybe we’ll soon see street art as a main component of the fashion world – after all, this world is so unpredictable…

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