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Deep Klassified Music Festival: a synergy of music and life

Sometimes by combining incompatible things, you can get an explosive mixture of positive energy, and this was the case with a special music festival this July. On 28 and 29 July, Monaco had a chance to make sure that everything is possible! The Deep Klassified Music Festival demonstrated something special. Something that the Principality wasn’t expecting to see: a 2-day long music festival in which a luxurious underground party scene was combined with a spiritual day programme.


Adrien, Thomas and Julien are the main brains behind the festival, as the organisers and DJs (Rammo, Parallells-brothers duo). Originally from Monaco and knowing every single corner of the small state, the group decided to revive the Principality and bring their musical brilliance and novelty to its shores. According to the musicians, this desire was very logical for the team, because they had organised parties for more than 3 years throughout Europe, particularly in Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Monaco. They wanted to go beyond Monaco’s everyday routine, and it seems their inspiration and accumulated professional experience made a significant contribution to this.


The festival has turned into the place where the label Deep Klassified demonstrates its vision of the event, especially its design, music, entertainment and even … the menu. The open minded team really shifted to the next level of the club industry. They proudly talked about this and much more in an exclusive interview with HelloMonaco:

Why did you choose Monaco as the location for the festival?

We were born and grew up here, but for studying and working we moved to Amsterdam. Holland itself is a little oversaturated with music festivals. In turn, for the Riviera, an electronic music festival will be something completely new. Our hearts will always be in Monaco and here we are striving to create a “Deep Klassified community”. The knowledge that we managed to accumulate while organising events and everything that we have seen before, we were able to bring here to Monte Carlo. Our main purpose is spiritual unity, despite differing personal views, tastes and styles. Everybody is unique and we will help people to express that!


Deep Klassified has always been throwing luxurious underground parties, but this time you decided to go in the opposite direction, towards simplicity, open mindedness and ethnic roots.Why?

Thomas: We are quite calm people, ourselves. For example, my mother practises Reiki and meditation, what we also do that every day. Rammo (Adrien) is a very spiritual and ethnically-focussed DJ. For us, music is a recipe of well-being, that’s why Deep Klassified brought all types of activities to the Grimaldi Forum that help in improving health and contribute to positive-thinking.


Why did you pick the image of the peacock as Deep Klassified logo?

It is a very mysterious and magical creature. A peacock’s feathers comprise the 5 colours of life, this allows everyone to choose their own colour and sensual association with it. In addition, it is a very emblematic bird, its tail rejects aggression and jealousy. You know, for the past 5 years we’ve been constantly coming across peacocks and their images. Probably, this is our destiny!


By the way, the tattoo shop from Monaco, Dixieme Art, had a stand at our festival, and the master of tattoo offered to decorate the bravest guest with the image of a peacock. The one who decided to do this would be invited to all the Deep Klassified parties for life, absolutely for free.


It was the moment of gorgeous decorations in the style of indigo and jungles instead of the club. Friday night was on the go. The festive mood captured everyone and it seemed as if the rhythm of music made even the laziest guest want to move. An explosive duo was behind the decks; the pioneers of techno and underground scenes, the founders of the German label Innervisions – ÂME. Starting their musical activity in 2003, Frank and Christian continue to create. This time they created music “life”, which is the peak of professionalism among DJs. More than 600 people attended the party at the Grimaldi Forum and more than 600 hearts were in a state of spiritual dance. Besides ÂME, the audience got a chance to hear compilations from Rancido, Nikolas Masseyeff and Rammo.


The sun rose and new day was ready to begin. A recently crowded dance floor turned into a “Zen” zone of meditation and yoga. The terrace of the Forum was transformed into a fun “Ayurvedic base” and a platform of healthy food. Here you could try a vegetarian hot dog from 5-th Avenue, or taste freshly squeezed juices from the Monaco organic restaurant EQVITA. It’s curious to know, that all the fruits and vegetables that were used to make juice were really fresh and organic, as the products are grown exclusively in natural conditions in Grasse, under strict quality control and without any use of pesticides. The key moment of Saturday’s daily programme was Yoga-Shala, an organisation from Monaco, which held an exclusive yoga course for its guests. The main idea of ​​this master class was the unification of spirit and energy. Furthermore, every woman at the event could get incredible festival make-up from the best make-up artists of Monaco, or decorate their wrists with Mehndi, Indian henna patterns. In the final part of the day, Oneteas, a Monaco street-artist, created a masterpiece in front of the public for the brand Khysos eyewear. It was not surprising that on the canvas a multicoloured peacock was depicted.


The second night round of the Deep Klassified Music Festival received even more techno music fans. And not for nothing! Luca Bacchetti – one of the DJs of the iconic Burning Man festival gave an incredibly energetic performance.


It’s worth mentioning that the main sponsors of the festival were Fairmont, Zeades and Mini, who decorated the Grimaldi Forum entrance with a new electric Countryman vehicle and this car was presented in Monaco for the first time. In addition, the posters and flyers were printed by Graphic Service on recycled paper. In the end, almost all the brands that collaborated with the Deep Klassified Music Festival were based in Monaco, and for good reason! Organisers wanted to avoid long distance transportation, in order to create a festival in the most ecological conditions.


Summing up, Julien, organiser and DJ from the Parallells duo, spoke about the exclusivity of the event:

“The Festival is unique because of only one reason: it was the first musical event in Monaco which unified the joy of parties and a healthy lifestyle!”

This July the music festival Deep Klassified proved that it truly is possible to have the best of both worlds: the spiritual and the fun.

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