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Director of the Monte-Carlo Ballets: “This festival will be what the public makes of it”

Director of the Monte-Carlo Ballets Jean-Christophe Maillot returns with the new dance event that he created for the night of 1st July. He intends to “offer the best” to the public.

“I always liked watching people dancing in nightclubs,” explained Jean-Christophe Maillot. This is to say that technique is not the first of his preoccupations, outside the framework of the Ballets. Because dance flows in his veins. So much so that the aim of his dance festival, F(ê)aites de la danse, seems to be obvious. “Everyone wanted to dance once, everyone has experienced that feeling of one day being transported by the music, by the atmosphere. It’s a universal thing.” For that, he is very confident about the participation in his event. Although he would like to make some clarification: “Every day, people ask me if it will be possible to come as a family. Of course! That’s the goal!”

Jean-Christophe Maillot
Jean-Christophe Maillot. Source:

“This festival will be what the public makes of it.”

Dance for everyone, from 7 to 107 year-olds. Everybody. And if these questions often come up, it is because in his concern to offer the best, Jean-Christophe Maillot has created a programme on a small budget, complete and ambitious. But he wants to be reassuring: “This celebration will be what the public will makes of it. For the dance marathon, which is scheduled for seven o’clock, if people stop after two hours, it does not matter! The key is to have fun. To participate.” Unlike a music festival, here everything will be interactive. “The idea is to create a busy atmosphere on the Place du Casino, with plenty of points of interest. The pros will be there, serving the public. And they are very excited for this moment!”

If dancing with professionals with angular bodies and self-assured movements can seem intimidating, the choreographer wanted to clarify: “There is no notion of judgment. It is true that there will be professional dancers, but most will be mainly amateurs. People who practise African dance, Tahitian dance or belly dance, unprofessionally, but at a very good level. If I chose the best in each area, it is to offer the best to the public, in a festive and accessible, popular spirit.”

F(ê)aites de la danse

In short, the public will have the chance to enjoy free of charge an extraordinary setting (the Place du Casino and the Opera Garnier transformed into a nightclub), with exceptional dancers, all in a relaxed communal atmosphere. Jean-Christophe Maillot even fought for the foodtrucks to be at an affordable price, to be able to leave the chequebook at home, and that it is really a great festival that is truly accessible to all.

More information: F(ê)aites de la danse: starting from 18:00, at the Place du Casino and surrounding areas. Free entry.

Maillot will certainly bring the spirit of dance to Monaco with his new event this July.

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