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Documentary honouring the first 1929 Grand Prix Races and other Monaco news

It was an interesting week in Monaco with developments in all areas of life: sports, culture, social and city life.

Documentary honouring the first 1929 Grand Prix Races to the Checkered Flag

Documentary honouring the first 1929 Grand Prix Races to the Checkered Flag

Did you know that this year is the 90th anniversary of the running of the first Monaco Grand Prix? And to celebrate it you can be sure that there will be some pretty unique events planned. One of them is going to be a documentary produced by Yann Anthony Noghès, grandson of Antony Noguès.

AS Monaco Dancers Crowned World Champions

The young dancers from AS Monaco Danse Sportive were received in Monaco’s City Hall and awarded for their recent achievements. The dancers were crowned World Champions in the Bachata Junior Team category and Second-Place winners in the Salsa Junior Trio at the World Championships, held in Orlando, USA at the end of 2018.

President of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival has decidedly gone for the ace of trumps in its choice of President of the Jury in this the 72nd year of the Festival. Obviously unfazed by its rival the Oscars it has chosen one of the most decorated directors in the recent history of the Oscars. Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu will serve as jury president.

Flying to Doha from Nice or Paris? Check out the New Services and Aircraft

The Middle East despite its spectacular new skyscrapers and billions spent on avante garde architecture and cultural wonders, is experiencing tighter economic times. And this means the airlines are all competing more aggressively for business. Deals are to be had by savvy flyers. So there are price wars and hot competition on routes.

Street Art in Monaco Celebrates Women’s Day

Street Art in Monaco Celebrates Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day in Monaco, a photographic fresco was unveiled on the Principality’s Ministry of State building.  The piece, which is comprised of 76 black-and-white portraits, showcases all of the women and men who are involved in the Women’s Rights Committee in Monaco.

Electric Scooters Banned in the Principality?

Electric Scooters Banned in the Principality?

Currently, Monegasque regulations prohibit the use of both electric and non-electric scooters on roads and sidewalks, except for on the Albert-I quay and on the Larvotto promenade.  This also applies to skateboards and roller skates.

Prince Honore IV: Prisoner of the French Revolution

Honore IV
Prince Honore IV

Honore IV was born on May 17, 1758 in Paris, to his parents Prince Honore III and Princess Maria-Caterina de Brignole-Sale. This prince, perhaps, experienced more life challenges than any other Grimaldi. Most of his hardships were caused by the French Revolution.

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