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Emergency food aid: Monaco takes action

Faced with an unprecedented food crisis threatening 20 million people in Africa, the Prince’s Government recently released almost EUR 500,000 in response to several emergency appeals.

These funds will support emergency operations led by the World Food Programme (WFP), the International Committee of the Red Cross, and two Monegasque NGOs, Fight Aids Monaco and InterActions & Solidarity, to provide aid to several thousand people.

food aid

Eight of the most vulnerable African countries (Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, the Lake Chad region, Mali, South Africa, Yemen) will be the direct beneficiaries of this food aid, following recurrent droughts and conflicts which are resulting in mass displacements affecting millions of people.

Support is also being provided to the Madagascar National Office for Risks and Disaster Management following Cyclone Enawo, which devastated numerous crops, causing a rise in the price of rice and severe food shortages.


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