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Event Program: Sculptor François-Joseph Bosio’s 250th Anniversary

A program of events commemorating the 250th anniversary of sculptor François-Joseph Bosio’s birth will be taking place in Monaco, beginning on Saturday the 21st April 2018.

250 years ago, on the 19th of March 1768, Giuseppe Francesco Bosio was born in Monaco, better known as François-Joseph Bosio, a Monegasque sculptor who became internationally renowned during his lifetime. At the initiative of the Department of the Interior, the Prince’s Government wishes to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Monegasque sculptor, who was honoured with the title of ‘First Sculptor of the King’.

To mark this anniversary, raise awareness about François-Joseph Bosio and better promote Monaco’s cultural heritage, various institutions in the Principality will be taking part in the commemoration and several events are scheduled for 2018:

-Three episodes of the program d’Art d’Art, devoted to three works by Bosio, will be produced. Commissioned by the Prince’s Government, coordinated by the Department of Cultural Affairs, with support from SOGEDA, these episodes will be broadcast on France 2 and TV5 Monde. They will also be presented to the public in Villa Paloma’s Table of Contents.

François-Joseph Bosio

-An intaglio postage stamp will be issued, with a face value of 0.95 euros, representing the sculptor and one of his major works: the Quadrige on the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, completed in 1828. The stamp was made by the Issuing Office of Postage Stamps, and designed by Céline Marin, laureate of a contest organized by the Bosio Pavilion and its former students.

-A commemorative 2 euro coin, in Belle Epreuve quality, representing Bosio and one of his most famous works: La Nymphe Salmacis. The coin will be issued by the Museum of Stamps and Coins via its website

– The ‘FJB on the Rock Exhibition’, along Saint-Martin Avenue, will be displaying 12 photographic compositions which embody the research and creations of 2nd year students at the Bosio Pavilion, based on the work of François-Joseph Bosio. The 12 photographic compositions, 2 metres long and 1.5 metres high, materialize and concretize the influence and impact of 18th century work in an artistic context through staged scenes centred on the costume and the posture of the body.

François-Joseph Bosio

– An original piece by artist Oliver Laric, inspired by La Nymphe Salmacis by François-Joseph Bosio. The New National Museum of Monaco invited Oliver Laric to produce a piece based on a scanning of the original marble held by the New National Museum of Monaco. This work, in polyurethane resin, will be exhibited at Villa Paloma until 26 August. By questioning new production, reproduction and distribution technologies, Oliver Laric is interested in the productive potential of copies and remixes, challenging the concepts of authorship, authenticity and appropriation.

– An issue of the Connaissance des Arts journal will be devoted to Bosio, with a preface by HSH Prince Albert II. Coordinated by the Department of Sculptures from the XVIIIth century at the Louvre Museum, the issue will be released in collaboration with the Cultural Affairs Department of the Principality, the New National Museum of Monaco and the Archives of the Prince’s Palace. Readers will be able to familiarize themselves with the sculptor’s masterpieces, discover his masterpieces they were unfamiliar with as well as those from the collections of the New National Museum of Monaco and benefit from a practical guide and a map of Paris listing Bosio’s works.

– The exhibition ‘François-Joseph Bosio, Monegasque Sculptor’ will take place from the 14th of June until the 14th of October 2018, in the Palais Princier and will include various archival documents on François-Joseph Bosio and works by the important artist.

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