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Exodus Exhibition at La Galerie des Pêcheurs

An exhibition of art from around the world based on the theme ‘Exodus’ is currently on display at La Galerie des Pêcheurs.

After ‘Post-human’ which was launched in 2016, Monaco’s A.I.A.P Unesco committee have organized a new exhibition with ‘mail-in art’. The principle is simple: artists from across the globe can send in their works by mail.  An exchange born during the inter-war period, when soldiers communicated with their families.  Jean Cocteau, Victor Hugo and Jacques Prévert have largely participated in the development of this trend.

Exodus Exhibition at La Galerie des Pêcheurs

For this second international project of postal art, the A.I.A.P Unesco Monaco received numerous entries from China, Finland, Kuwait, and Sri Lanka. 24 countries participated and 90 artists mailed in their works, all revolving around the theme ‘Exodus’.

Giacinto Formentini, coordinator of the exhibition, understands the importance of the theme in the current global climate, when people leave their countries everyday with the hopes of settling in a new one.  He said that there are conditions in many places which make it impossible for people to stay where they were born and many people risk hardship and even death to leave their country for a better, safer life.

Exodus Exhibition at La Galerie des Pêcheurs

These works of art will also be presented in Montenegro before being sold for charity. ‘Exodus’ will be on display until the end of the year at La Galerie des Pêcheurs.

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