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Facelift for Larvotto is in the Cards for 2019

Monaco is continually reinventing itself. Tradition mixed with vitality is a delicate balance and it is about to play out in Larvotto itself. Just west of Larvotto is the mega-project of Portier Cove – an extension of Monaco in harmony with the sea. If one considers Monaco’s extensions into the sea as part of a fifty year cycle, then Portier Cove is an evolution that naturally follows the Fontvieille extension of Monaco of times past.

Larvotto needs to sit comfortably alongside Portier Cove but don’t expect a multi-billion euro remake of Larvotto, as Larvotto’s own future is being finalized. Perhaps more than a refresh is on the cards but HelloMonaco understands that there is a budget of 50 million euros for the first upgrade of the Larvotto area. This would indicate an evolutionary approach in any future improvements and certainly not a revolution.

Comments by Finance Minister Jean Castellini to the press seem to confirm this. The essence of his reported remarks are that the esplanade will be refreshed. There will be improved and more accessible parking facilities. And, of course, Larvotto should sit well within the great architect Paolo Renzi’s vision, even when other local Monaco architects are engaged. It is Paolo Renzi who has influenced the design of Portier Cove itself. And Larvotto and the neighbouring Portier Cove must have a harmony and coherence. There will be a nod to tradition and Larvotto will remain the attractive oasis for international residents and visitors that it always has been. Everyone wants to keep the Larvotto spirit very much alive for the local operators, the residents and tourists.


It may be a good thing that the project size is on a more modest manageable scale than Portier Cove. It will lesson any disruption that comes with mega-projects, lesson the impact on traffic flows and the daily life of residents. Future enhancements in phases for Larvotto, beyond this 50 million euro project, are entirely possible. The budget of 50 million euros is for this first upcoming blueprint which has been designed by a Monaco architect. There is no fixed limit on the eventual funds that may be garnered to meet the Principality’s goals for beautifying the beach front, the esplanade and the adjacent retail spaces. Monaco never stands still and Larvotto is an integral part of the whole Principality’s beautification.

Whereas the gigantic Portier Cove project is privately financed, Larvotto comes under the purview of the State which may also explain the prudent approach to budgeting for it.
The Larvotto project is up for final approval by elected officials soon. Expect the facelift to follow the 2019 summer season, after it gets the green light.

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