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Fantastical World of Cuddly Teddy Bears: Monaco’s Surprise Charity Auction with a Royal Twist

There was a film festival in Monaco too on May 14th with an altogether different focus than Cannes. This charming event at the Hôtel de Paris centered around the auction of teddy bears by Karelle and Marco Traverso to support the Monaco Disease Power Association, led by Muriel Natali-Laure.

When you went down to the Hotel de Paris that day you were sure to get a surprise …
one of joy and delight as a sequel to last year’s hit short film, Histoires d’Ours, was unveiled in a full-length feature.

A Fantastical Realm Full of Gorgeous Teddy Bears

The Empire Room was transformed into a fantastical realm filled with balloons, sweets, and, of course, teddy bears. The production was brought to life by kind-hearted partners who created a series of delightful and sugary activities. Generous patrons stepped up to sponsor each teddy bear, resulting in a diverse lineup of 21 endearing stuffed animals. These sponsors included a banker, two jewelers, a magnetizer- healer , a car dealer, an antique dealer, a hotel group, a restaurant and a Michelin-starred chef, a printer, a artist-painter, two fashion designers, a sports professional, a hypnosis specialist, pastry experts, a perfume maker, a biscuit designer, a candle creator, and even a magician.

A Teddy Bear Surprise: Monaco’s Delightful Auction with a Royal Twist
MDP©Catherine Filliol

Directing the event was none other than a professional capable of garnering multiple bids for the gorgeous bears. For the second consecutive year, auctioneer Simon de Pury, donning a bear costume, enchanted the audience. By the auction’s end, a Golden Palm was awarded to the benevolent donors who collectively raised nearly 35,000 euros, surpassing last year’s total.

Carabinier Bear “Fideon” by Prince Albert

A special highlight of the evening was the Jury’s special Palm, awarded to the surprise “Carabinier Bear,” sponsored by Prince Albert II of Monaco. This bear, named FIDEON by the Prince—a blend of the Carabinieri Corps’ motto: Honour, Fidelity, and Dedication—stole the show during a private event hosted by the Moghadam House. There, Karelle and Marco Traverso honoured Simon de Pury’s gracious efforts, and the bear secured the highest bid thanks to the generosity of host Kamyar Moghadam.

What began as a beautiful filmed story became a heartwarming reality, raising nearly 40,000 euros, with more donations pledged. The credits rolled with thanks to all participants and a promise of more adventures to come. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

A Teddy Bear Surprise: Monaco’s Delightful Auction with a Royal Twist
MDP©Catherine Filliol

But wait:

You can still participate via free donations. Just send your donation to Monaco Disease Power: specifying “Histoires d’Ours” in the message.

Heartwarming gratitude… so many to thank as well as the bidders

Partners: Marco Traverso and Histoires d’Ours, Karelle Traverso Creations, Simon de Pury, Highlights-Sophie Girone, Queen of Brownies, Monte-Carlo SBM, Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Féeline Création, Sparkling Van, Monaco Magicians, Florent Torres, GS Monaco, Air Designer Balloons, France Festivités Povigna, Sinus, Antoine Coyette, Florine Asch.

Sponsors: Marco Traverso-Histoires d’Ours, APM Monaco, Autrefois Antiquités, Chopard, Czarina, Isabel Fargnoli, GS Monaco, Monte-Carlo SBM, le Louis XV, Mimi magnetizer, Monaco Fit Coaching, Alberti Arts, Queen of Brownies and Saint-Honoré Monaco, Raphypnose, Sinus, So Bang Paris, Le Petit Port, Soleil de Nuit, Monaco Magicians, CMB Monaco, Alter, Raul Marchisio and Maison Moghadam.

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