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Fleet of Electric Taxis – Very Encouraging Results

The fleet of electric taxis, which was implemented last July and whose services ended in late October, was a great success.

Thus, Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy, was able to announce the following statistics at a meeting held at the Ministry of State on 11 December in the presence of the project’s taxi partners:

– during the four months of operation, 32,870 trips were accepted and recorded via the call centre;

– compared to the previous summer season, there was a 13% increase in trips within the city, i.e. 8,555 more journeys;

– due to the decrease in the number of trips that were cancelled because they could not be processed (580 trips, a decrease of 73%), waiting time decreased to less than five minutes.

The following points were also discussed:

– the need to increase the number of rapid above-ground charging stations, some of which should be reserved for taxis;

– consideration of vehicle signage;

– amendment of the texts relating to the use of electric vehicles during the rest of the year, particularly as a replacement vehicle or a second main vehicle;

– the need to extend the dates of the summer season from 2020, which could start as early as the Tennis Open.

The Prince’s Government wishes to remind you that charging stations are not parking spaces, and once the vehicle has been recharged, it must be moved.  The electrical terminals reserved for taxis cannot be used by the general public.


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