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Flu Vaccination is Recommended During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

The Prince’s Government recommends that the population be vaccinated against the flu for better protection of everyone’s health. The goal is to minimize the spread of the seasonal influenza virus while the Covid-19 virus is still actively circulating.

Flu Vaccination Recommended 

Vaccination against influenza is recommended for everyone, without distinction, from the age of 6 months. The flu vaccination for all caregivers and social personnel in contact with vulnerable people, in particular in nursing homes, institutions, hospitals and nurseries is an absolute duty. It is also a necessity for the personnel essential to the functioning of the state.

Who can give you the flu shot? Doctors, nurses, midwives, medical biologists and pharmacists can vaccinate against influenza and the influenza vaccine is reimbursed for anyone affiliated with Monegasque social security.

Flu Vaccination

Vaccination against influenza has many advantages. Seasonal flu and COVID, although caused by very different viruses, cause identical symptoms: fever, cough, fatigue, muscle pain. The diagnosis will therefore be facilitated if an infected person has these symptoms, but is vaccinated against the flu: caregivers can more quickly identify a possible case of COVID, offer appropriate treatment, whether at home or in hospital.

Vaccination against influenza relieves health care facilities. Every year, flu patients come to hospital emergency rooms, and some have complications that require hospitalization. With an ongoing COVID epidemic, hospital resources must be available to take into account severe forms of COVID.

Influenza vaccination decreases the number of unnecessary PCRs. Vaccination can reduce the number of PCR tests done to find out whether a person has the coronavirus when they actually have the flu.

Flu Vaccination

Vaccination against influenza reduces the number of school and professional absences. When a person has symptoms suggestive of COVID, absence from work or school is the rule while awaiting the result of the PCR to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. It is indeed clinically impossible (without a PCR test) to differentiate between influenza and COVID. By eliminating the flu, we reduce the number of days off work or school.

The flu shot is safe. Side effects are exceptional. (e.g. true allergy to egg or chicken proteins and to other components mentioned in the package leaflet, serious allergic reaction during a previous injection of the vaccine) 

For any and further information on vaccination contact your attending physician.

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