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‘For Art’s Sake’ by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian won the most creative hearts of Monaco

In the evocative setting of the Grimaldi Forum hospitality area, Art has given its best on the occasion of an exclusive event held on Thursday the 22nd October 2020 in which good writing, photography d’auteur and the most pleasant environment have wrapped up all the visitors in a golden aura. The special occasion was the launching of the book: For Art’s Sake: Inside the Homes of Art Dealers, edited by Rizzoli International Publications, in the presence of the author Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian, a skilled modern and contemporary art collector fond of twentieth-century design.

‘For Art’s Sake’ by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian
The Sovereign Prince receiving a copy of the book ‘For Art’s Sake, Inside the Homes of Art Dealers’ by the author Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian (Grimaldi Forum, 22nd October 2020).© Grimaldi Forum

This exclusive publication offers the readers an unprecedented journey through twenty-four of the main art dealers mansions around the world, depicted by extremely evocative visual portraits by the well-known photographer, art director and producer, JeanFrançois Jaussaud. A thrilling adventure from New York to London, from Brussels to Los Angeles, from San Paolo to the Principality of Monaco.

‘For Art’s Sake’ by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian
David Zwirner’s mansion, a colourful neon installation by Jason Rhoades grabs the attention in the main room – light streams into the space and finds an echo in the vast canvas by Neo Rauch. © Jean-François Jaussaud

Text and images alternate to give voice to the most intimate refined settings where design elements from different ages blend surprisingly well, creating a new multi-shaped art style united by a majestic harmony through the work of trained interior designers. Annabel Selldorf, Peter Marino, François Marcq, Jacques Grange, Toshiko Mori, just to name some. A Combination of masterpieces that would not exist without the contribution of art collectors like Dominique Lévy, Brett Gorvy, Almine Rech Picasso, Barbara Gladstone, Kamel Mennour and Axel & May Vervoordt, all personally interviewed by the author.

‘For Art’s Sake’ by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian
Christophe Van de Weghe’s mansion, a Gino Sarfatti spiral chandelier from c. 1950 hangs above a 1951 Jean Prouvé table and a Jules Leleu armchair c. 1955 – in the background: Andy Warhol’s 1973 portrait of Marella Agnelli.© Jean-François Jaussaud

The book launch was a success in terms of participation of illustrious personalities who wished to be present. The Sovereign Prince has been welcomed by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian and her husband during His personal visit to the exquisite display of visuals in their shine collected for this event to better appreciate the photographic technique. Sylvie Biancheri, General Director of Grimaldi Forum, Adriano Ribolzi, renowned art dealer interviewed by the author, and other distinguished guests enjoyed this unique time.

‘For Art’s Sake’ by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian
The Sovereign Prince being welcomed by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian and her husband, Ago Demirdjian (Grimaldi Forum, 22nd October 2020).© Grimaldi Forum

Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian has been always interested in art on which she has formed a solid knowledge in Caracas, New York, Rome and Paris. Her successful editorial achievement follows the previous best seller: ‘Could Have, Would Have, Should Have: Inside the World of the Art Collector’ where she interviewed more than one hundred characters in the field of qualified art collecting. Ex-Officio Trustee and Director’s Council of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation as well as of the Tate America’s Foundation, she is currently member of the Associations of Friends of ‘Le Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris’ (The Paris Modern Art Museum) and ‘Le Nouveau Musée National de Monaco’ (The new Monaco National Museum).

HelloMonaco had the pleasure to get some meaningful comments from Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian (T.A.D.) within a dedicated interview.

‘For Art’s Sake’ by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian
Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian’s welcoming speech at the book launch of her book ‘For Art’s Sake, Inside the Homes of Art Dealers’ (Grimaldi Forum, 22nd October 2020).© Maurizio Abbati

HelloMonaco:  Mrs. Atencio, what pushed you to face this second literary challenge?

T.A.D.: The reason why I wrote ‘For Art’s Sake’ is to understand and share how top art dealers make their choices in designing their homes. I liked to capture their personal adventures, journeys and creative perspectives as well as their emotions and commitments. This book is a celebration of collecting and living with Art. I am deeply honoured by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco’s support and extremely grateful to our project team that made all this possible. 

HelloMonaco: Carrying a series of relevant one-to-one interviews is enriching, what do you remember with more pleasure?

T.A.D.: This editorial project gave me the chance to visit wonderful places I had never seen before. But understanding different characters was so interesting more than anything else. All the stories and anecdotes I gathered from the interviewees have been really captivating. I always admired them because of the art collections they were able to create. In particular, I have learnt how philanthropic they are. How much they help their communities including the artists they represent. Philanthropy was definitely a common thread I found in all art collectors I met to prepare my first and second book. I personally think that Art is a way of communicating and a very important feature that brings us together, building bridges among us worldwide. Something essential nowadays.

‘For Art’s Sake’ by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian
Louise Bourgeois’s bronze spider from 1994 fills the centre of the internal courtyard of The Fife Arms made by locally sourced timber.© Jean-François Jaussaud

HelloMonaco: Pandemic is limiting considerably the public access to art, what will change in the way to enjoy it?

T.A.D.:  I think that COVID-19 has made us more creative. We still wait and see what will happen next but I am sure that something good would come. I do believe that even in crisis there is always an opportunity for many artists to invent something different. Originality is after all the secret of any artistic creation capable to influence the others.

‘For Art’s Sake’ by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian
The inspiring setting of the book launch ceremony Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian (Grimaldi Forum, 22ndOctober 2020).© Maurizio Abbati

HelloMonaco: The Principality of Monaco is consolidating its position as an international hub both for art exhibitions and art trading. How do you see its future?

T.A.D.: I feel very positive in this regard. Everything here is growing exponentially: arts, operas, ballets, conferences. You can find all set up. Last but not least, the food in Monaco is definitely one of the best I have ever found, tasting chefs’ delicatessen. So, I feel so privileged to live here.

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