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For School This Term: 6 Year Olds and Up Must Wear Masks

The scientists don’t seem to know why – or at least are divided in their opinion at what age children should wear masks in school. Should the youngest kiddies wear masks for their own protection and for the protection of teachers and adults around them. 

Children Under the Age of Eleven

Evidence seems to lead to the conclusion that children under the age of eleven suffer far less from Covid-19 than adolescents – for example, the European Centre For the Control of Illness (ECDC) is on record about this. Little kiddies are rarely ill. They are carriers of Covid-19 but typically show no symptoms (or very light symptoms). Many scientists read in the data that these very young children, though carriers of the virus, are less threatening to adults around them. The theory is that because they typically have no symptoms that perhaps they infect those around them with such low doses of the virus that they are of no danger. Whether adults with Covid19 are dangerous to these little kids is an unanswered question. 

Monaco Takes a More Prudent Stance 

This Monday, September 7th, nearly 6,000 students will return to school in the Principality.

Isabelle Bonnal, Director of National Education, Youth and Sports, has held a press conference, at which she put forward Monaco’s more prudent approach. The functioning of schools will be normal, though with the application of sanitary measures: wearing a mask, hydroalcoholic gel, hand washing, respect for social distancing, etc. 

Wearing masks, will be obligatory for students from the age of six (compared to 11 in France), and of course for the teachers. 

A distance of 1.50m will be respected by the students. The resumption of lessons will be done in the whole class. 

Influx of students will be managed carefully by organizing entrances and exits at several places or in stages.

Sports activities will always be on the program, but no contact sports will be offered.

For School This Term: 6 Year Olds and Up Must Wear Masks

Back-Up Safety Procedures

Two scenarios are planned for in advance: 

First a minor event effecting just individual classes: In the event of a student or teacher showing symptoms of coronavirus contamination, the person should stay at home and contact their doctor. In this case of Covid-19 being revealed in the staff or student in class, the class will be placed on fourteen day “probation” and will be the subject of distance education during that period. 

Finally, in the event of very active circulation of the virus throughout schools , all establishments will be closed and teaching will again be carried out remotely.

Controversy in France

In any event, France in contrast to Italy and Spain is NOT requiring children under 11 to wear masks in school – only those from 11 years and up.

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