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Foul Smelling Fumes Cause an Evacuation at Charles III College and other Monaco news

As it becomes warmer and winter is slowly coming to an end, life on Côte d’Azur is getting busier with lots of social and economic events to follow. And here we selected some of the most interesting news.

Foul Smelling Fumes Cause an Evacuation Scare at Charles III College


It was quite a scare. Resulting from some abnormal chemical reaction in the pool technical room involving a chlorine-like smell, the odour could be detected in some classrooms. Even though the toxicity levels were low the intrusion of what appeared to be a small amount of a foul smelling chlorine-related gas on Wednesday into the classrooms of Charles III school caused an  understandable emotional stir and anxiety as much as it did health irritations that required treatment at CPHG for ultimately 10 out of 56 persons, mainly students screened by firemen of the emergency services who swiftly responded.

Fast Feet, Strong Hearts: Monaco Run 2024 Supports Pink Ribbon Charity with Elite 5K Races

Monaco Run 2023
© Stéphane Danna – Direction de la Communication

As the 2024 Monaco Run draws near, anticipation builds around the elite runners gearing up to grace the starting line next Sunday. With five men and five women poised to vie for victory in their respective categories, the stage is set for an exhilarating showdown.

Scheduled for February 10th and 11th, the Monaco Run upholds its cherished tradition of hosting a series of races through the Principality’s streets. The action kicks off at 8:30 am on Saturday, featuring the commencement of the 12-km City Trail and the inaugural 30-km Trail du Mont Agel, a notable addition to this year’s lineup.

Monaco’s State-of-the-Art Camera Surveillance Hub within New Police HQ

Monaco’s State-of-the-Art Camera Surveillance Hub within New Police HQ
Photo by taichi nakamura on Unsplash

Monaco has set a new benchmark in surveillance capabilities with the introduction of an advanced camera surveillance system, showcased during the inauguration of the elevated Public Safety building by Prince Albert II.

We can’t take for granted the Principality’s reputation as one of the safest places on earth. It requires constant upgrading of technology and honing the skills of the Police who work with the advanced technology.

New Stamps for this Racing Season Beg The Question: Who is the Greatest?

Stamps for this Racing Season Beg The Question: Who is the Greatest?
Photo by Waldemar on Unsplash

With the Historic Monte Carlo Rally about to come to an exciting conclusion all eyes will start looking towards the Monaco Grand Prix and whether Charles Leclerc can join Louis Chiron in winning his home Grand Prix. Emulating Chiron’s achievements is not at all easy as he also won the Monte Carlo Rally. 

And young Charles Leclerc has quite a few years to go before he could even think of matching Chiron’s late-career racing records. Chiron is still the oldest driver ever to have started a race in the Formula One World Championship, having taken 6th place in the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix when he was 55.

Monaco’s Stamp Office has not been slow to immerse itself in this season’s fervour by motor racing fans and bringing back memories of the likes of Louis Chiron, Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda. 

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