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Fourth robber of the Cartier store in Monaco caught

On the run since Saturday, the final suspect of the robbery at the Place du Casino was arrested recently in Antibes. The suspect had been able to hide away for longer than his fellow robbers, but luckily thanks to intel and the collaboration of forces, this person and the other robbers will see justice.

Wanted since Saturday by all the police forces of the department, the fourth ̶ and last ̶ robber of the Cartier jewellery shop in Monaco was arrested in Antibes on 30 March.

The take is to be brought to the teams of the judicial police of Nice which acted on the information from the Monegasque PC. The latter managed to provide an accurate description of the individual as well as his or her identity. Last Saturday, after a significant and shocking robbery at the Place du Casino, three men were arrested within seven hours of the incident.

Only one of them had managed to slip through the cracks. The first robber wastrapped and caught as soon as he left the jewellery store. The second was caught in the Anglican Church of Monaco merely a few hours later.

Finally, the driver of the vehicle was arrested at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin that evening.

A fifth man, who had obviously come to help his brother (the driver), had also been intercepted at the crossroads Saint Roman, Saturday evening. All of them came from Vallauris.

On Monday, Monaco attorney general Jacques Dorémieux and public security director Richard Marangoni announced that they had recovered the “almost complete” amount of “several million euros” that had been taken.

Thankfully the final suspect from the robbery at the Place du Casino has now been arrested and justice can be done.

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