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From Simulators to Stardom: Monaco’s E-Academy Chooses Twelve Young Drivers

In an exciting development for young motorsport enthusiasts, the selection process for Monaco’s new e-academy is concluding; so will we see the emergence of the next Charles Leclerc? Over the past fortnight, the Maison du Numérique was abuzz with anticipation as dozens of hopefuls, aged 11 to 16, competed for a spot in this unique program.

Initiated by Sébastien Carbillet, co-founder of HagTime, and Sachel Rotgé, a promising young karting and F4 driver based in Monaco, the e-academy aims to blend tradition with cutting-edge technology. They are using simulators to nurture future racing talent. It’s all about improving skills and igniting passion for the sport.

The e-academy, set to run during July and August at the Beau Rivage, was inspired by the recent Monaco Grand Prix victory of local hero Charles Leclerc. The academy will cater to three age categories: 11-12, 13-14, and 15-16, with four drivers selected per category. These young talents will train weekly, honing their skills on state-of-the-art simulators.

The pre-selection tests at the Maison du Numérique were a crucial part of the process. Over the two-week selection period, candidates were evaluated on their simulator performance and their motivation. Time wasn’t the only factor; their dedication and potential was critical too.

The chosen twelve will embark on an intensive training program, with the option to participate for one or both summer months. Each participant will contribute a fee of 400 euros, a modest investment for the opportunity to train under the guidance of professional racers like Rotgé.

Four to Six Hour Endurance Race

The climax of this summer program will be an endurance race, spanning either four or six hours, fully funded by the e-academy. It’s a chance for these young drivers to experience the intensity and strategy of endurance racing. Hopefully, it will be a stepping stone to careers in motorsport or e-racing. Or who knows they may be the future winners of the Monaco Grand Prix or 24 hours Le Mans.

Looking ahead, the academy’s founders have ambitious plans. It’s reported that they are already thinking about expanding their simulator range, creating a central showroom in Monaco and featuring simulators for various types of racing, including perhaps planes and helicopters.

As the newly selected drivers prepare for their summer training, the excitement is palpable. This initiative not only supports young talents but also enriches Monaco’s illustrious motorsport heritage, promising a bright future for the next generation of racers.

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