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Gala in Singapore for Prince Albert II Foundation raises 1,5 Million Euros

The Singaporean branch of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary.  The funds raised during the prestigious evening will support a shark conservation project in China and Thailand, approved by the Prince Albert II Foundation’s Board of Directors on 30 November.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation celebrated the 10th anniversary with an event titled Ball in Monaco, a Gala evening organized at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on 9 November, in the presence of HSH the Sovereign Prince, Zulkifli Masagos, Minister of the Singapore Environment and many other personalities. It was an opportunity to look back on 10 years of presence in Asia; 10 years of constant effort by the teams of Jacqueline Deromedi, President of the Singapore Branch for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, to raise awareness for many environmental issues.

Ball in Monaco, a prestigious evening supporting the preservation of sharks

Six hundred guests from all over Asia gathered around HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, the most emblematic hotel in the region, for the 10th anniversary  grand gala dinner.

His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince issued a call to action emphasizing the values ​​of solidarity and responsibility: A new type of solidarity is emerging that goes beyond the meaning traditionally associated with the word. It is a solidarity with those who have already been victims of climate change and the natural disasters that accompany it. Those who suffer from pollution that has contaminated the food chain. Pollution that poisons the air we breathe. The World Health Organization informed us last week that 600,000 children worldwide die of pollution every year, and that more than 650 million children have been sentenced to breathe toxic air, affecting 100% of children in Asia.

Gala in Singapore for Prince Albert II Foundation raises 1 Million Euros

Expanding internationally to amplify an environmental message

The Minister of the Environment of Singapore, Zulkifli Masagos, underlined the commonalities between Singapore and Monaco through the Foundation in terms of environmental protection and the protection of endangered species: Our partnership is essential for sustainable development because the scale and complexity of environmental problems require the approach of all societies. I congratulate the Foundation for its achievements, His Serene Highness for the vision of his Foundation and Jacky Deromedi for her leadership of the Singapore office.

The theme of the preservation of endangered species was highlighted at the gala. Funds raised during the evening will be used to fund a shark conservation project in China and Thailand. Addressing the Shark Crisis: Reducing Demand for Shark Fin in Asian Markets, provides a concrete response to the pressure suffered by the species, whose fins are unfortunately still very popular with Asian consumers.

The aim of this project will be to expand, alongside WWF, a regional shark fin program to mainland China and Thailand to create a behavioural change in fin consumption. A study will also be conducted to develop effective demand reduction strategies targeting consumer groups, e-commerce platforms and travel agencies.

In Thailand, the project will work with the Government to tackle illegal trade and strengthen collaboration with existing NGOs. Since 2007, the program has already mobilized 160 hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to ban shark fins.

The auction raised 1,5 million euros for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, a real success, crowning the remarkable work of the Singapore branch’s teams over the last 10 years. Air France and Perrier Jouet Champagne helped support the event alongside Monaco Seafront Extension, Anse du Portier, which highlighted the Principality’s extension project.

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