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Gallery De Jonckheere opens a new space in Monaco

Founded in Brussels in 1976, the Jonckheere gallery has recently inaugurated its new space on Avenue Princesse-Grace. The inaugural exhibition, “Meeting of Masters”, merges old Flemish masters with modern and contemporary art, from Lucio Fontana to René Magritte and Jerome Bosch, who died 500 years ago.

Gallery De Jonckheere
Pieter Brueghel Jr (1564 Brussels – Antwerp 1638), The summer: the reaper’s meal © Galerie De Jonckheere Monaco

In 1984, a De Jonckheere gallery was opened in Paris. Since 2012, the gallery also helps collectors trace the masters of modern art.  In this vein, the gallery is opening a new space in the Principality.  Popular and influential, the Monegasque city plays an important role in the international artistic world.

René Magritte
René Magritte, The Son of Man, 1946. Source:

“Monaco is perhaps the most international and cosmopolitan European location.  We know the importance of art and the success of art in the Principality.  This has given us the inclination to take up and animate this space, which we’re doing with a lot of enthusiasm.  I believe that this enthusiasm corresponds to an interested, knowledgeable audience who are curious to discover Monaco, a place where one finds works and artists they love,” said Georges de Jonckheere.

The inaugural exhibition features masters of both old and modern pieces.  These pieces are influenced by Jerome Bosch, a Dutch artist.  “Jerome Bosch was an audacious, avant-garde artist who was surreal before his time, which was the 15th century.  He created a completely fantastic universe, which inspired artists for centuries, up to surrealism. Here we have an example, from a Belgian surrealist artist, René Magritte. Bosch is the master of the fantastical and surreal. An emblematic, exceptional icon.”

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