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Good News for Commuters: €8 Million for TER Trains

To reduce congestion and encourage the Riviera’s population to travel by train, commuters will be happy to learn that the Principality’s government plans on improving TER and other services.  The Monegasque government recently announced that a large budget will be allocated to improving regional train services to Monaco.

The catchphrase for the first public session for the primitive budget 2020 review was “quality of life”. The Minister of State underlined that, when it come to transportation, Monaco must always go further and experiment with new solutions.

Facilitating access to Monaco by train

Beyond investments by the Principality for its own station and rail network, a substantial contribution of more than 8 million euros per year is envisaged for financing and improving the TER (Transport express régional, the name used by the SNCF for their regional trains).

After several discussions with the South Paca Region, an agreement on TER financing methods will be signed with SNCF Mobilités by next spring, which is excellent news for commuters. The first effect of this collaboration will be putting an additional double train in each direction during rush hour into circulation, from 15 December of next year.

Good News for Commuters: €8 Million for TER Trains

The government will receive an annual report drawn up by the TER service and the South Paca Region which will indicate the number of TERs planned, the number of TERs which passed through Monaco’s station, as well as the attendance figures and the number of subscriptions departing from or arriving to Monaco.

The New Pass Sud Azur

Another contribution of 3.5 million will be allocated to modernizing the five TER trains purchased over ten years ago by the Principality, to make them compatible with the European rail traffic management system, a prerequisite for putting six trains an hour into circulation.

Another boost for commuters: travellers going to Monaco will be able to benefit from tariff reductions.  The government has teamed up with authorities from the Alpes-Maritimes to develop a single ticket valid in our two territories (the Pass Sud Azur). This ticket will allow us to use all public transport (train, tram, bus). It will enter service in the Principality next September.  The government also wants to launch the One Ticket in 2020 so that users can use CAM electric bikes and bicycles, public parking lots and public services easily with just one pass.

Rail, tram, train and…boat.  950,000 euros will be allocated by the government as a subsidy for the operation of a maritime shuttle between Nice and Monaco sometime during 2020.

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