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Grace Kelly’s house is bought by the Princely family

The Prince of Monaco is the new owner of the recently acquired Philadelphia house, situated on 3901 Henry Avenue, in the United States.

The current owner having recently passed away and her family has shown no interest in keeping the property. As one can gather, this is not a random acquisition on behalf of the Prince, but one that he has often thought about. After having spoken to other family members, and with other interested parties for various projects on this property, the Prince decided to become the new owner.

Prince Albert II visits the house of his mother in US
Prince Albert II visits the house of his mother in US

This property is where his mother Princess Grace, grew up when she was young, before she met Prince Rainier III (this is also where they got engaged in 1955). This was Kelly’s family property before it was sold in 1974, and so the Prince is very attached to everything that is linked to his maternal family history. He had the occasion to visit the property with his cousins last year, and although the house was in need of some attention, the rooms have not changed at all, and he remembers fondly his visits as a child in the early sixties, to his grandparents.

The property was acquired for 712.000 Euros. In a statement, the Prince mentioned that he had plans for the property, but they did not include it being a habitation, but rather some offices, or an events space for anything related to the Princess Grace Foundation. We can surely also guess that there will be a lot of memorabilia related to his mother, in some form of museum/expo.

Grace Kelly's house

Last Thursday Cyril Viguier interviewed the Prince of Monaco, during which he discussed the new American acquisition of the Prince. During the interview he discussed also many things, that he intends to put in his 52-minute documentary titled Monaco Lifestyle.

Following his successful 110 minute documentary which had a look into the corridors of what makes Monaco tick (Le Bal de la Rose, the Hotel de Paris and the Grand Prix of Monaco), he decided to take a new and different look at Monaco. This time around, he will be looking at Monaco from a business perspective, what makes it such a great business hub, from the climate to the stability via great fiscal advantages.

He hopes through the documentary which will be out in April 2017 on TV5 Monde, that the public will realise that Monaco is not just a party destination with great tax benefits, but rather an amazing hub for all kinds of businesses and entrepreneurs who have amazing visionary projects. All of this nestled in the geographically small Principality. A real beehive.

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