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Grimaldi Forum to host the first edition of the Padel Best Expo this Spring

From 7 to 9 April 2024, Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum will host the first edition of the PADEL BEST EXPO, a prestigious exhibition dedicated to the world of padel created by the Italian company BSG, already at the initiative of the first FIVE PADEL CUP (april 2023, between Eze and Monte-Carlo).

The event will be attended by a number of iconic figures and legends of international sport… many of them from the football (see below) but not only…

PADEL BEST EXPO will host the CUPRA FIP TOUR 2024, worldwide professional circuit of the International Padel Federation. Among the 120 tournaments organised throughout the year and across five continents, a stage is scheduled inside the Grimaldi Forum of Monaco during the PADEL BEST EXPO… (see further) with a competition (it will be separate from the FIVE PADEL CUP) dedicated to the players taking part to this prestigious championship. The competition will be official and the points awarded for each player’s performance will count towards the world ranking of the CUPRA FIP TOUR 2024.


The Exposition

The PADEL BEST EXPO is THE event not to be missed by padel enthusiasts. And with good reason! For three days, BSG has selected some of the world’s leading brands/companies and suppliers to come to Monaco and expose their main products related to the practice of this fast-growing sport. Roberta Ceccarelli, CEO of BSG: “The PADEL BEST EXPO is based on three fundamental focused… entertainment, presentation of the world of padel and innovation (new products and hardware developments…).”

The aim was to spotlight current trends in an environment conducive to sporting and professional encounters.

The Grimaldi Forum will be set up to showcase the latest equipment, materials, courts… in the goal to put in valor these elements to the many observers already expected.

The exposition will also give regular players the chance to meet up and enjoy a unique experience based on their shared passion… padel.

It’s also an opportunity for the more novice players to discover the specificities of the sport and the playing characteristics, through contact with the sector professionals that will be here, at PADEL BEST EXPO.

The second edition of the FIVE PADEL CUP inside Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum

Several ephemeral padel courts will be set up by the organisers inside Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum. This will enable the FIVE PADEL CUP to take place at the heart of the PADEL BEST EXPO. Five tournaments will be held simultaneously on the above-mentioned courts over the three days. The aim is to highlight the universality of the sport by bringing together, at the same time and in an exceptional setting, personalities from a wide range of backgrounds. It’s a way of demonstrating that the richness of padel is found in the diversity of the participants…


The five competitions will be presented in the coming weeks… but the organisers can already announce the presence of Ukrainian legend Andriy Shevchenko. Winner of the Golden Ball in 2004, the former AC MILAN striker will be taking part in the PADEL BEST EXPO… As Ambassador of “Football for Ukraine”, funds will also be raised to this association.

A partnership between BSG and the Monegasque Padel Federation

The Monegasque Padel Federation is an official partner of PADEL BEST EXPO.
This is an opportunity to directly involve and promote (in different ways…) those who enable Monegasque padel to shine internationally, through the competitions they take part in over the years (European championships, qualification for the world championships…).

Roberta Ceccarelli. @PADEL BEST EXPO

Roberta Ceccarelli, CEO of BSG, the company organising PADEL BEST EXPO:

“I am very proud of this partnership with the Monegasque Padel Federation. Together, we hope to make this project a great success.

PADEL BEST EXPO confirms itself as a credible container capable of hosting one of the most prestigious events in the world of this sport (CUPRA FIP TOUR 2024…) which will complement the others activities (FIVE PADEL CUP, expo…) that we already scheduled for the occasion. Our collaboration with the FIP represents also a great driver for the enhancement of the entire padel sector and a real added value to the important manifestation we are organizing, with BSG’s team.”

Cécilia D’Ambrosio, President of the Monegasque Padel Federation:

“I am delighted to be able to support and take part, under the aegis of the Federation, in this magnificent project set up by BSG.

The PADEL BEST EXPO is fully in line with the values we wish to convey and our day-to-day objectives of developing the sport in the Principality. This is the beginning of a collaboration whose main aim will be to promote locally a sport that is growing in popularity all over the world. It’s all very positive.”

The Barbagiuans of Monaco will also be taking part in the PADEL BEST EXPO. In particular, they will be through the FIVE PADEL CUP tournament for sports VIPs… (as they did in April 2023). The group founded by Prince Albert II and now chaired by Louis Ducruet will field several teams, most of which will be made up of iconic figures from local and international football. (The players will be announced shortly…)

In addition to ‘Football For Ukraine’ (mentioned above), part of the funds raised will be donated directly to FIGHT AIDS MONACO, the HIV charity founded (in 2004) and chaired by H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie.

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