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Hello Monaco Magazine: Winter 2023-2024 edition is now available

Dear Readers,

Please welcome the Winter 2023–2024 edition of Hello Monaco magazine. Our devoted team has worked for three months to treat you to this exciting content and unveil the Principality from a new angle. Meet talented Monaco residents and plunge into the country’s rich history.

Olga Taran, Editor-in-Chief of HelloMonaco magazine
Olga Taran, Editor-in-Chief of HelloMonaco magazine © HelloMonaco

This winter edition also honours women running the Principality’s public institutions. A woman, in the broad sense of the word, stands for both the beginning and the future, for creation and for peace. You may certainly be surprised at how many amazing ladies perform senior managerial roles, making life in the Principality even better.

A significant part of our magazine is traditionally devoted to Monaco’s history and heritage. Here you will learn about the first magazine about Monaco, called “L’Eden”, and the town of Ollioules, the last refuge of a powerful bishop from the Grimaldi family. We will also tell you more about the town of Dolceacqua, with its history closely interwined with that of the Principality for the past five centuries. The “Dynasty” section is honouring the Polignacs, “kings of the mountains” and the French ancestors of the Monaco princes.

The Château de Lavoûte – Polignac on the Loire river @

The WOW section features Monaco residents who have achieved a remarkable success in their field and made a special contribution to the life of the Principality. This time we will introduce you to Marcel Ravin, Véronique Alexandre and Téo Andant.

Chef Marcel Ravin
An inspired Chef Marcel Ravin who respects nature and cultivates his garden © Monte-Carlo SBM
Teo Andant
Téo Andant is determined only to win, always. © Téo Andant
Véronique Alexandre
Véronique Alexandre © Ilyes Kaddour

In October 2023, Namira Salim became the first astronaut from Monaco to undertake the space mission Galactic 04 on board Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. Namira is an award-winning traveller, jewellery designer, singer and writer. A resident of Monaco and Dubai, she has a number of outstanding achievements under her belt. She is the first Pakistani and the first woman from Monaco to ever visit both the North and the South Pole. In 2006 Namira became the first woman to buy a ticket to fly into space. She happily shares her space journey experience in an exclusive interview with Hello Monaco.

Namira Salim
Namira Salim on L-2 during her Acrobatic Flight, experiencing the G profiles encountered during her Spaceflight © Virgin Galactic

The Principality certainly doesn’t lack talent. One such, boxer Hugo Micallef, was nicknamed “Fresh Prince of Monaco”. We trust our “Monaco’s Got Talent” hero in his quest to become the world boxing champion, raising his country’s flag to the sound of the national anthem!

Enjoy your reading!
Yours sincerely,

Olga Taran

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