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Help Preserve the Oceans: Join in the Great Thalas Charity Auction

You have almost certainly heard of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle of Ancient Greece who were among the great founders of Western philosophical thought. There is another great philosopher, one of the original Wise Men of Antiquity, Thales, who was said by Aristotle to be the founder of physical science; he held that all things originated in water (624-546 BC). 

THALAS – The Great Oceanic Expedition 

And so in February 2021 was to start a great Oceanic Expedition under the High Patronage of Prince Albert called Thalas, for the preservation and awareness of the Oceans.

After years of conception and months of preparation Covid-19 has dealt a blow to a number of sponsors of this great expedition. But not a mortal blow to the expedition itself. The concept is too strong, the goals of increasing awareness and preservation of the Oceans too noble. 

In response, Thalas has been preparing a charity auction in Monaco for many months: Together for Thalas.

Placed under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, with the support of the FPA2 foundation, the Yacht Club of Monaco, the Oceanographic Museum, of Riva and many Monegasque players, this initiative aims to return the expedition to waves for a departure in 2021.

The Great Thalas Charity Auction 

Key Information:

  • Under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
  • Online sale begins on February 8, 2021
  • End of sale on April 8, 2021 in Monaco

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Support and participation is rushing in from all sides including: 

  • Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Daniil Medvedev, Guillaume Nery, Pierre Frolla, Marcos Marin, Guillaume Nery etc.
  • La Chèvre d´Or, Eden Roc, Chateau Eza, Le Monte-Carlo Bay etc.

Join them! Participate in the auction make Thalas happen!

Leading the Thalas Expédition 

Thomas Capiten, 32, a committed entrepreneur, leads the Thalas expedition. After years of preparation and months of funding, he admits, the Covid crisis has swept away everything but more than ever Thalas is essential.

“We only protect what we know”

At the start of 2020, everything was going for the best and after obtaining the support of Prince Albert II of Monaco, we had a series of meetings with corporate sponsors and French MPs. It was after our presentation to the National Assembly that the Covid crisis hit. We had selected our boat in Greece, started negotiations with the shipowner and booked our plane tickets to Athens. How could we have imagined that, so close to the goal, everything would come to naught so quickly?

So what should we do?

It was our school and engineering partners who gave us the answer. At the same time that we saw the fruit of 2 years of work fade away, our partners were counting on us more than ever and reinforcing the legitimacy of the expedition. So we decided to start the preparation of the expedition all over again!

“Together for Thalas” is much more than a charity auction

It is a caring and committed energy for the Ocean that grows and unites around a common goal, to bring Thalas to life. The great personalities, artists and incredible establishments who have joined us are the strength of Thalas and legitimize our action. At this time, 80 lots are on offer but the catalogs remain open until April 8. It will therefore be necessary to be vigilant not to miss the lot or the experience of your dreams.

Links About THALAS 

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Application mobile (Android et iOS): «THALAS» ou





Thomas Capiten Président de Thalas Tel: 06 09 07 72 88


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