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Help The Monegasque Red Cross Assist Those Whose Lives Are Devastated By The Deadly Wildfires In Australia

Australia is battling an unprecedented bushfire season, with large fires burning across the country devastating communities, businesses, industries and wildlife. Dozens of people have been killed. Millions of hectares of land have been scorched. Hundreds of blazes are still active.

The deadly wildfires are fanned by wind and fueled by scorching heat.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed creating evacuees who can be seen fleeing carrying just a few items of luggage. Some hold infants their legs shaky, weary, and their clothes smelling of smoke.

With people displaced and wildlife populations gutted, there are ways to help and particularly by making a donation to the Monegasque Red Cross who will provide assistance to the Australian Red Cross which has set up a critically needed relief and recovery fund.

The Monegasque Red Cross

The fund has helped to send 1,285 staff members and volunteers to communities affected by the fires and to provide support to displaced people sheltering in more than 69 evacuation and recovery centers. The Red Cross also provides emergency grants to help people cover their immediate needs.

Shelters and relief supplies are needed, also mental health support for victims in extreme distress. There is a crying need for first aid and phone calls and home visits to communities trying to clean up and rebuild. The Red Cross is coordinating a wave of responses to innumerable emergencies across the country.

To help distressed people and communities recover your donation to the Monegasque Red Cross will be of countless assistance as they help and respond to the Australian Red Cross appeal to build their vital relief and recovery fund.

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