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The Monegasque Red Cross fights for Africa

The Monegasque Red Cross has made a call for solidarity to help put an end to one of the worst food crises currently taking place in Africa. In South Sudan one in three homes is in urgent need of food. In Nigeria, specifically the Borno region, 300,000 children will suffer from malnutrition in the next 12 months.

In Yemen, only 45% of the country’s hospitals remain functional, less than 30% of the medicines and medical equipment necessary exists in the region, hundreds of hospitals have signalled a 150% increase in cases of infant malnutrition.

The situation is urgent. Famine threatens the life of tens of millions of people in Africa today, primarily in South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and again in Yemen and Nigeria.

The background threat of extremism

The Monegasque Red Cross, which is on the verge of successfully completing a project aimed at improving the living conditions of people living in the Soum region of Burkina Faso, is working today to bring urgent financial aid to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. “Isolated” crises no longer exist in today’s world. We are all affected to some extent, things affecting one part of the planet can have direct consequences elsewhere. These major crises can lead to the displacement of populations, and increasingly to insecurity and extremism.

This is why the Monegasque Red Cross is calling for your generosity to act now in favour of those who need help.

To make a donation visit or send a check labelled “Food Crisis-Africa” to the Monegasque Red Cross – 27, Boulevard de Suisse, 98000 Monaco.

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