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Hidden treasures at l’Entrepót Exhibition

To access hidden treasures, one must direct themselves to the basement. In the bowels of l’Entrepót, hide the British beaches of Colly Well Bay, the banks of Naples and Malmö. Like a slice of life extracted from urbanized areas, deposited under the Rock and offered to regulars or the passing public. This summer, Daniel Boéri’s gallery exhibits the work of six artists invited by Gino Gianuizzi. The Italian specialist suggested they work on the theme of landscape and the evaporation of the human race. His source of inspiration is a book by Guido Morselli entitled “Dissipatio H.G.” Inhabited by suicidal thoughts, the narrator comes out, at the last moment, of an underground cave where he intended to dive into a whirlpool to put an end to his life. Reading the novel was compulsory for the project’s participants.

Immortalized for 24 hours

Photography, moulds, videos. From vegetation at the edge of a city in cubic form by Eva Sauer to stamped postcards with advertising stickers, to photographs by Wolgang Weileder: the choice offered to visitors is varied.

Wolfgang Weileder’s works, portraying sunsets over the sea, intrigue through their aesthetic and technological process. According to the director of L’Entrepôt, Daniel Boéri, the Munich artist now based in the United Kingdom is “having fun,” capturing a beach over twenty-four hours, pixel by pixel with several cameras. The passion of this sculpture professor at the University of Newcastle is so overwhelming that he took advantage of his presence in Monaco to take pictures of the landscape. “He left us at the beginning of a meal to go capture what he had in mind before his arrival,” confides Daniel Boéri. Thanks to their joint success since the beginning of their collaboration last spring, Boéri and Gino Gianuizzi have decided to extend their union until 2018. Another treasure.

The Dissipatio H.G. exhibition runs until 15 September at L’Entrepôt.

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