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International School of Monaco Consistently Among the Best in Europe

It’s a hard reputation to live up to but the International School of Monaco has established itself as one of the top private schools in Europe. And it’s not just by word of mouth or noticing how ISM graduates succeed after they leave. There are independent rating agencies. 

For example, The 2022 Spear’s Schools Index in partnership with Carfax Education includes the 100 leading private schools in the world.

And if you look at the whole of the European Union plus Monaco, ISM makes the Top Ten. And as for value for money ISM’s fees in the €30k+ range sit well compared to the best Brussels and Parisian private schools. 

Carfax Education, the global education group, had announced the launch of the first international ranking of top private schools in 2020 in partnership with Spear’s, the magazine for high-net-worth individuals The global index lists the 100 very best private schools around the globe including the UK, Switzerland, Europe, USA, Middle East, China, Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. 

As well as formal criteria such as academic results and preparation for university entry, schools are ranked on their unique ethos, their reputation both locally and internationally, and how adequately they prepare students for life beyond academia.

Top schools listed that are providing exceptional education for students, included the renowned British boarding schools such as Eton College and Harrow School. 

In Europe both in 2022 and 2023, the International School of Monaco consistently featured in the top group. 

This is what is quoted about ISM in the schools-index: “Renowned for its diverse, international community, the school offers a learning experience that nurtures both academic prowess and global citizenship. With pupils from over 50 countries, this school is the epitome of internationalism. ISM makes the most of its space in the overcrowded Principality and is imminently moving to a larger campus where it will be able to expand the sports facilities and overall size of the school. The strong parent body creates a community of cooperation for all school events culminating in a fabulous summer fete. They have a collaboration with King’s College School, Wimbledon to maintain and increase their IB provision and this partnership is working effectively to produce top results with pupils gaining acceptance into first-class global universities.”

Stuart Bryan, the director of ISM, must be delighted that the International School of Monaco has once again scored high marks in the Carfax Education School’s Index.

The Choice of a Private School

Parents generally choose private schools because they offer a strong academic program, create the perfect studying environment with smaller classes, outstanding campuses and offer a wide choice of extra curricular activities such as sports and arts. Private schools also put more emphasis on specialties like art, music and athletics and many focus on integrating important 21st century skills in their programs. Private schools statistically perform very well on college or university entrance exams and many schools have a very high rate of students being accepted at the university of their choice.

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