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International Security Innovations Exhibited in Monaco

The Platinum Security Exhibition, an international tradeshow which features high-end private security items, took place at the Grimaldi Forum between 10 to 12 April under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. The event was an exceptional opportunity to meet French and international players in the security sectors and find solutions to secure personal and commercial assets.

Threats such as theft, assault, burglaries, cyberattacks and break-ins require appropriate answers. For the last several years, there has been a very strong development of security in both the public and private spheres. This year’s Platinum Security Exhibition presented solutions and new technologies adapted to personal safety (including travel, VIP reputation and image), luxury goods (for high-end shops, hotels, boats, cars, etc.), event security (sporting events, clubs, concerts, festivals, nature reserves) and cyber security (communications, banking, identity fraud, etc.).

Security in figures

79,790 major security incidents occurred in 61 countries in 2015 with $400 million in losses.  In 2017, insecurity and theft caused $1 billion in losses in Europe alone. 30,000 kidnappings are committed globally every year. 191 acts of maritime piracy occurred in 2016.

Platinum Security Exhibition


At the Monaco security exhibition, a whole range of life-saving and property-protecting inventions were on display, including drones (as well as anti-drone systems), robots and armoured cars.

A highly protected and reinforced panic room, made by Bolloré Protection, was one of the favourites at the Platinum Exhibition.  Made with bullet-proof glass, weapon-resistant steel and sound-proof insulation, the room can protect people like celebrities or company employees at home or at work.

The Skysaver backpack, a device which could be used to escape from a burning building, was another favourite at the Exhibition. Inside a normal-looking backpack, a fire-resistant cable which extends up to 80 metres can be attached to a wall with a carabiner. The backpack is already being sold in the United States and Asia for 1,000 euros and is currently being tested by firefighters at the National Emergency Training Centre.

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