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Investigation Update: 48 hours after the fatal accident on the A8

HelloMonaco has some new details on the car crash that we’ve covered earlier today. 48 hours after the dramatic traffic accident which claimed the life of a forty-year-old Russian, Monday on the A8 motorway, the investigation is in progress.

The transport police squad from Mandelieu’s gendarmery, in charge of the investigations, briefly interviewed the passenger after he sustained severe leg injuries and was transported to the Pasteur 2 hospital in Nice, where he has been hospitalized since Monday. The 69-year-old man who occupied the passenger seat is the owner of the black Bentley registered in the Principality. This rich entrepreneur, of Ukrainian origin, presenting a Hungarian passport, has been a Monegasque resident for less than five years. But his interview did not make any major progress in the investigation, because his memories have been altered by the serious shock.

The black convertible Bentley, which was heading towards Aix-en-Provence, severely hit the guardrails at around 5 am before it stopped in the middle of the roadway at the Brague Bridge in Antibes. The driver, whose identity is not yet known, was killed.  On the other hand, according to the squad of the Road Safety Department, a call for witnesses, launched after the accident, has been successful. Several people have come forward, which should help to better understand the course of events.

Speed ​​could have been a major factor in the accident, according to an unnamed source close to the investigation. However, investigators are awaiting the driver’s blood and toxicology test results to determine if an additional factor could’ve been the cause of this terrible accident.

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