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Jardins d’Apolline: Minister of State acknowledges Mr. Dupond-Moretti’s Open Letter

In a recent press release, the Minister of State discussed an open letter by Mr. Dupond-Moretti concerning the Jardins d’Apolline:

The Minister of State took note of an open letter sent to him by Mr. Dupond-Moretti and will take the time necessary to answer the various peremptory allegations that have been made and the questions that have been asked.

Nevertheless, he is surprised to see that SATRI, which has not failed to express itself in the press while remaining silent as part of the ongoing expertise, may question a decision by the Government concerning an exclusive State property. This decision aims to respond to an exceptional and unprecedented situation in Monaco: Monegasques are severely impacted in their daily lives by a succession of disasters that affect their homes. These, unfortunately, are not limited to the damage reported by the company.

He recalls that, contrary to the allegations contained in the letter by Mr. Dupond-Moretti, the judicial proceedings have not been compromised by the beginning of the works, and that nothing will prevent justice from establishing each persons responsibilities.

The Government claims to act diligently in the publics general interest and that of the Monegasques concerned.

He regrets that this company, which defends only its private interests, does not show the necessary serenity, especially since, at this stage, the state is intervening at an advanced expense.

He recalled that the current procedure does not depend on the Government, but on the judicial authority.

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