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Jardins d’Apolline Update: Statement by the Princely Government

A few days close to the New Year, the Minister of State hoped to appease residents affected by the Jardins d’Apolline case by announcing the government’s choice to repair the building. The Princely government has released a statement backing up the Minister of State’s announcement concerning renovations at Jardins d’Apolline:

“The Princely Government confirms, in all points, the announcement by the Minister of State under the high authority of the Prince, on Sunday the 24th of December, in regard to public housing for occupants of the Jardins d’Apolline building after completion of renovations by the group of companies decided upon through specifications drawn up by the State. It is not up to a member of this group to comment or determine the number of apartments concerned or the nature of the work to be done. The State will respect the commitment it has made to the residents of Apolline as well as to the National Council during the budget debates.”

For more information on the history of the health and water crisis affecting tenants of the Jardins d’Apolline residential building, read our article.

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