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Journey with the Monegasque Orchestra

“Invitation to travel”, the title given to the 2017-2018 Philharmonic season of Monte-Carlo where we will be listening to Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, Strauss’s Alpine Symphony, and explore collections from Germany, Russia, Scandinavia and America. Such is the decision for the second edition made by Kazuki Yamada, the orchestra’s director.

The season’s programme was presented during a concert-press conference at the Rainier III Auditorium attended by Minister of Interior MM, Patrice Celario, director of cultural affairs Jean Charles Curau and president of the Monegasque Banking Group Etienne Franzi, partners of the Monaco Philharmonic Group.

Prestigious Soloists

Prestigious soloists will be performing next season: the violinists Anne-Sophie Mutter, Joshua Bell, Vadim Repin and David Garrett, the pianists Evguny Kissin and Boris Berezowski, but also a castanets virtuoso: Lucero Tena. This year’s “resident artist”, the harpist Xavier de Maistre will be performing on four occasions during the season’s duration.

The orchestra’s artistic advisor Jerome Delmas highlighted that, aside from well-known masterpieces, thirty other works will be heard for the first time in the Principality including Janacek’s impressive Messe Glagolitique. This proves the dynamism of the Monegasque orchestra. All this is to be applauded not only by Monegasque spectators but also from publics around the world, since the orchestra will be performing in the new Philharmonic hall in Paris, the legendary Concertgebouw hall in Amsterdam and also in Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. That is a true “invitation to travel”!

Programme for 2017:

  • 22nd of September: Debussy-Liszt-Ravel with pianist Boris Berezowsky, directed by Kazuki Yamada.
  • 1st of October: Russian program, directed by Alexander Sladkovsky.
  • 8th of October: Dutilleux-Mozart-Schubert with violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, directed by Lawrence Foster.
  • 13th of October: Glazounov-Sibelius-Tchaikovsky with Joshua Bell, directed by Andrei Boreiko.
  • 22nd of October: Janaceks “MesseGlagolitique”, directed by Juraj Valcuha.
  • 27th of October: Music from the Baltic, directed by Mikhail Gerts.
  • 10th of November: Evgueny Kissin recital.
  • 10th of November: Debussy-Ravel-Berlioz with pianist Jean-EfflamBavouzet, directed by Kazuki Yamada.
  • 15th of December: Elgar-Nielsen with violinist Truls Mork, directed by Thomas Dausgaard.
  • 21st of January: Beethoven-Zemlinsky, directed by Simone Young.
  • 4th of February: Stravinsky-Prokofiev-Beethoven with violinist Vadim Repin, directed by Kazuki Yamada.
  • 4th of March: Rossini-Bruch-Stravinsky with violinist David Garret, directed by Gianluigi Gelmetti.
  • 11th of March: Bach-Marchello-Mozart with oboist Ogrintchouk.
  • 8th of June: Bernstein-Faure-Debussy with violinist Nicola Benedetti, directed by Stephane Deneve.
  • 15th of June: American program with harpist Xavier De Maistre, directed by Kazuki Yamada.
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