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A kaleidoscope of events in the Principality in 2019: what to expect


Inauguration of Suite Prince Rainier III at Hotel de Paris.

An inauguration at the Hotel de Paris is imminent. What can compare with the Grace Kelly suite? It could only be, of course, that of the Sovereign himself Prince Rainier III. 400 square metres of pure luxury on two floors overlooking Casino Square and a vast sweep of the Mediterranean coast. Rumour has it that Prince Albert was consulted on elements of the design.

January 24th to 27th: The Monte Carlo Rally. Who is the darling of this Rally when you have both Sebastiens racing against each other, each with a string of wins? It’s Loeb versus Ogier, not to mention Tanak and Neuville. They know this race backwards, Loeb with seven wins to his credit before Ogier took his crown. Watch out for Loeb’s i20 Coupe WRC by Hyundai.

Monte Carlo Rally


February 14th: Ball of Princes and Princesses. An exclusive fairy tale Valentine’s Day in the Principality. This memorable event will take place at the newly renovated Salle Empire at the luxurious Hotel de Paris. Extravagant decorations, eclectic light shows, top class banqueting, dancing and thrilling delights. Guests, noble, royal and naturally elegant enrobed for the evening according to the Grand Gala dress code.

The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses
A detailed photo shoot of the previous edition of «The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses» at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice. © Noble Monte-Carlo

February 16th: Tournament Buhurt to be held in Fontvieille. Monaco is welcoming the first International Buhurt Prime Tournament. This is a World Heritage Sport Competition featuring an International Tournament in Historical Medieval Battle. On the list of sports ripe for Olympic approval it was even played out at Pierre Casiraghi’s wedding in 2015.

Medieval Buhurt Prime Tournament kicks off in Monaco
Medieval style helmet at the Buhurt Prime Press Conference at Columbus Hotel (10th February 2019).

One Monte Carlo. It’s Monaco: expect a spectacular inauguration. This time it’s none other than the acclaimed One Monte Carlo with its glass towers and curving modern aspect. At the pinnacle of luxury it includes 37 apartments exemplified by monthly rents at 200.000 euros or more that scream “we are indeed the best”.
Surrounded by the splendour of green foliage in our garden city, will be 50 or more boutiques sporting names like luxury watch purveyor Hublot and shoes to die for from Berlutti. Hungry mouths in the impressive office tower will be rewarded by the presence of Chef Marcel Ravin at the foot in “Mada One”.


March 23rd: Bal de la Rose 65th Gala.  Princess Grace’s glamour infuses this event that she created in 1954. Every designer would give their right arm to consult to this prestigious Royal occasion – which has the incredible Karl Lagerfeld touch evident. The Sporting Monte Carlo becomes the envy and the talk of the glamour world: Magazine spreads of who’s who at the Ball are devoured at international high society gatherings – and since 1964 it’s all in a worthy cause, funds flowing to the Princess Grace Foundation.

MAGIC rolls out this popular event for the fifth year at the Grimaldi Forum. It’s a special type of Magic; mangas and comics and video-games originating in the Orient, and once “married” to Tokyo. They now have a huge fan-base around the world outside Japan including Monaco. Central to it all is Shibuya productions who have chosen Monaco as a premier centre for this intriguing niche genre of animation.

Monaco Anime Game International Conferences
Monaco Anime Game International Conferences @

Elections for the Mairie. No prizes for guessing who the front-runner will be or even the sole candidate. When you have four successful terms behind you, a fifth is looking more than likely. It is of course Georges Marsan who is currently at the helm, positioned to take Monaco into the future. Lest of course there is a spoiler candidate at the last moment. The responsibilities are heavy as are the opportunities to improve our lives.


April 9th: Béatrice Martin or as her beloved fans anoint her “Coeur de Pirate” will grace the stage at the Grimaldi Forum. “En cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé” her latest album will delight – as long as its posters are not hung near the Japanese Garden. “In the event of a storm, this garden will be closed”!

Самые ожидаемые события 2019 года
April 15th to 21st: Monte Carlo Rolex Masters Tennis pits the current re-energized giant of tennis Novak Djokovic against Rafael Nadal who virtually owns the Trophy after a record 11 wins. Rafa even has a suite at his disposal bearing his name at the Monte Carlo Bay. “Joko” at his best could give the serene Rafa, the Spanish emperor, the duel of duels. Expect the rising next generation of stars like Alexander Zverev to have just as firm an eye on that trophy. Held at the famous Monte Carlo Country Club.

April 25th to 28th: Ballets de Monte Carlo will explode with its “Un Hommage a Maurice Béjart” at the Grimaldi Forum. Expect something visceral and momentous from renowned choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot. Will it even upstage the version from Fete de la Danse in 2017? Jubilation surpassing even the level of Handel. The anticipation mounts.


May 15: Humourist Kev Adams with millions of followers and a ten-year phenomenal run of theatrical and cinema (Aladdin) success returns to Grimaldi Forum. Titled “Sois10ans” to venerate and celebrate his favourite venue “the stage”. Expect the most sensitive to the most intimate from this solo artist. The stage is his first love and it will show as he pours out stories from his daily life.

May 26th: The Monaco Grand Prix. First run in 1929 by the will of the Sovereign and no small amount of input from Antony Noghès, we count 90 years and at least 77 races if we include 2019. Did you think all the excitement is about Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes versus Sebastien Vettel and Ferrari? Ferrari does feature in the adulation, but it is Charles LeClerc that is turning heads. A young Monegasque in a Ferrari at the Monaco Grand Prix! It really is the stuff of fairy tales.

Самые ожидаемые события 2019 года
Monaco’s Zoological Garden is reopening. Hooray! Who could have imagined a plague of weevils from the agaves on the rocky hill-side would pounce on the Zoo and cause it to be temporarily closed for 9 months. Founded by Prince Rainier III in 1954, it has housed in virtual royal comfort animals from the panther and tiger family, hippopotamuses (including the famous Pollux) , reptiles and exotic birds. Children and families rejoice – the Zoological gardens are reopening spic and span.

Les Jardins d’Apolline: Good news at last for the residents of the apartments, after all the upheavals due to the water problems. There are 450 workers on the building site currently beavering away to speed up the refurbishment. And there will be new apartments added on the newly raised part of the complex. It’s cheering news for the first of those that can return to their apartments, refurbished as new this month (May).


May 30th to June 2nd (and a VIP day on June 3rd): Top Marques, leading of course with its supercars and hypercars, is back with visionary new ownership. Much loved, amid at the same time stirrings of controversey over noisy revellers and car enthusiasts acting “over the top”. An extravaganza of luxury brands awaits as do the police for those that do not respect the law. For true motor enthusiasts and those that dream of luxury brands this is second heaven.

Will New Ownership at Top Marques Score Top Marks?

Transition Monaco Forum II: A strategic group of investors and decision-makers guided by a vision of Prince Albert create a hub in Monaco. Their goal is to accelerate concrete measures to favour our environment and expedite the transition to clean energy. High profile in the Forum is Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris also in her role as President of the C40 world cities. Highly anticipated is the possibility of a potential cooperation between the CIO International Olympic Committee, of which Prince Albert presides over a commission, and the C40. Celebrities are rumoured to be clamouring to make an appearance in support.

1st Monaco Transition Forum
Opening speech of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco at the 1st Monaco Transition Forum (Grimaldi Forum).© Transition Monaco Forum


July 5: Vanessa Paradis with memories still fondly lingering from her last appearance at the Salle des Etoiles. Is it nine years already! This time featuring her new album “Les Sources” written with her husband Samuel Benchetrit. Folk-rock and soul produced at the Sound Factory in Los Angeles – a chance to hear live this new burst after “Love Songs” from six years ago. To be performed at l’Opera Garnier.

July 6 to September 8: Dali “Une Histoire de la Peinture”. A celebration of Dali’s enormous impact on the art world, just 30 years after his death. “A History of Painting”. Featuring about 100 works of art from the master of surrealism. To follow 2018’s unparalleled success with “L’Or des Pharaons” it takes something very special. The Grimaldi Forum has found it in the form of this moustached eccentric genius.

July 26: Gala of the Red Cross. The Red Cross Ball is without question the peak event in Monaco’s Summer. True to its billing as the greatest charity gala in the world it attracts the world’s elite including stars, dignitaries, Royalty and international VIPs. The planet literally flocks to the Salle des Etoiles where the most privileged will be admitted. The Gala Ball is opened by the Prince and Princess of Monaco , included is a concert, fine dining, glitter, fireworks and an extraordinary lucky draw. A cultural-calendar must for the privileged.

The Red Cross Ball


Portier Cove starts to emerge. Monaco’s latest epic venture into building a new quarter in the sea, virtually a half century after Fontvieille takes a giant step forward. Its intriguing boundary of huge blocks “caissons” is targeted to be concluded. This miracle project, one of the largest in Europe, takes concrete shape. With the boundary ring secured in place, after backfilling between the boundary and the existing coast line, a new quarter, almost a mini-city, can begin to be built.

July 12th to August 28th: Art of the Diadem by Chaumet at the Grimaldi Forum. This jewelled crown is so often associated with empresses. Its history includes equally Roman emperors and Greek nobles. Dignity, authority, sovereignty, symbolism, Monaco is the perfect venue for appreciating this artistic princely and princesses adornment.

Monaco Art en Ciel Fireworks: Painting the sky at night with heavenly fireworks displays, countries compete fiercely for pride of place in this competition to impress the Palace. Rumour has it that there has been a breakthrough in firework technology – with asteroid balls of light and fire rocketing from satellites. Whatever and whenever, at Art en Ciel countries will be creating masterpieces to music against the night sky, using the latest techniques to eek out those extra few points from the Jury of experts and celebrities.

Art in the Sky International Competition


September 25th to 28th: Monaco Yacht Show at Port Hercule. One of the triple crown of prestigious Monaco events with the Grand Prix and Monte Carlo Rolex Tennis Masters. Beginning on the Wednesday and lasting for four days with the feasting and entertainment drawing to a close on the Saturday. Expect the world’s most dazzling line-up of superyachts and celebrities to match. The Show expands every year to include more and more luxury toys, tenders and luxury brands. Renowned as the most iconic and glamorous event in the superyacht calendar.

Monaco Yacht Show 2018: A Triumph Of Greatness And Grace

Museum of Man and the Sea, the much-awaited attraction worthy of pride of place with the Oceanographic Museum is crying out for a home. And l’esplanade des Pêcheurs has been spoken of. Anticipated is a much-awaited agreement between the Caroli Group and the State – with the involvement of The Tribunal (Supreme). September is the target deadline for resolution.

IUM – International University of Monaco: from 30 graduates thirty years ago to 300 in this latest year it moves to its new quarters. Professors and students alike will henceforth pack their bags for the Condamine. Bigger, fancier and right in the centre of town in the Stella building. Two thousand square metres of classrooms with multimedia, co-working spaces and computer labs – and the all- important cafeteria in the basement.

Gala des Oceans: Entertainment at its finest, celebrity, royalty and the worthiest of causes. Leonardo di Caprio has been stellar at cheering on the fund-raising. More than 20 million euros raised at this event in 2018. Will Madonna make an appearance at last and create a record jackpot to save the Oceans. It’s always a favourite of celebrities who flock to support Prince Albert’s exhortations to keep our environment pristine for future generations of children.

Ocean Gala Dinner in Monaco


Sportel Monaco celebrates its 30th anniversary:. A gathering of the great business impresarios of Sport including business moguls and representatives of the Sports Media and Sports technology sector. Thousands of attendees including representatives of almost a thousand companies from 78 countries at the last session. Who will be “Master of Ceremonies”, the great VIP guest for this 30 year event birthday? That’s an interesting topic in itself.


Monaco Influencer Awards: After Pauline Ducruet’s successful launch of this stellar event in 2018, it is not surprising it is getting a thrilling sequel in 2019. Expect the best influencers from all around the world, the likes of Caroline Receveur. 10 categories makes for an amazing line-up. 10 winners go forward in their lives with the Monaco prizes giving them real brand appeal; from there the sky’s the limit. Red Carpet receptions, helicopter arrivals in style, Gala dinners and, if it’s Monaco, that royal touch!

Influencer Awards in Monaco


November 12th: Princess Grace’s 90th anniversary, in remembrance of her birth in the United States. There are no words to express the depth of affection for this lady, this film-star, this wife, this mother and Princess of Monaco.

November 19th: Fete National, the Prince’s Day. Monaco’s great celebration to itself and its Prince. Red carpets and the Monaco flag hoisted everywhere. Monaco glistens in red and white. Pomp and Ceremony at the Palace including, of course, the Orchestra of the Prince’s Guards (Carabinier). Dapper in their uniforms and tuneful with their shining instruments they search far and wide for the exact moving tunes to match the spirit of the day. And just occasionally, there is, together with reverence and respect, a little comedy involving the Prince.

Monaco National Day


BRICKLIVE attracted thousands in 2018. Sure to be, there will be a repeat. And not just Lego paradise – which it is. Discover a vast expanse of space at the Grimaldi Forum dedicated to activities for children. Rows of computer screens to play their favourite games, Star-Wars characters to fence against with light-swords. A snack area, the popular graffiti. Wall, dance floor and make-up. Just as much for girls as boys – it’s turbo-charged family entertainment.

Bricklive Christmas

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