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Ladies Chess Circle of Monte Carlo Rules Europe and other Monaco news

This week in Monaco, just as always, is full of events and news. And here we put together the most interesting pieces for you.

Check Mate: European Kings are never safe with the lady Chess Champions of Monte Carlo

Ladies Chess Circle of Monte Carlo Rules Europe

You thought the best chess players in the world were in Russia or United States. Can you name some outstanding champions from battles of the past? How about Boris Spassky against Bobby Fischer? There are in this era some new names to remember and they play for the Chess Circle in Monte Carlo (CEMC). What HelloMonaco can reveal is that they are women.

And what if we asked you how many times in the last ten years the Monte Carlo women’s Chess Circle has won the European Clubs Cup in chess. The answer is a remarkable seven out of ten times. That’s a record in itself.

Monaco expands Renewable Energy Production

Solar Panels

Today, to be a player in the energy transition beyond its borders, the Monaco Government and the Monegasque Society of Electricity and Gas (SMEG) have combined their skills with the creation, at the end of 2017, of Monaco Renewable Energies (MER). The Company’s mission is to seek investment and development opportunities in renewable energy projects abroad.

ASM Dancers Crowdfund for World Championships

ASM Dance

Thanks to excellent competition results achieved throughout the year, five AS Monaco dance couples have qualified for the world championships in Orlando, Florida (USA).  In order to participate in the Salsa World Championships, which will take place from 10 to 16 December 2018, the dance school has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help get the dancers to the US.  They hope to raise money for travel expenses (€5,000) for the ten competitors accompanied by their coaches Marion Pontal and Mirella Piano.

No More Working on Saturdays on Building sites: Monaco takes A Rest

No More Working on Saturdays on Building sites

Quality of Life is a repeatedly emerging hot topic in Monaco. Stéphane Valeri and the Conseil National have made it a focus of their attention. Too many building sites, too many sites creating noise at the same time, too few major projects completed on time, which means the building sites stay around longer – all takes a toll on the quality of life of residents.  And Serge Tell, Minister of State, has been listening and promising action from the Government.

Epidemics in Mediterranean affecting Marine Life

Epidemics in Mediterranean affecting Marine Life

Fan mussels, a species of large saltwater clam, have been experiencing an abnormal mortality rate in Monaco recently.  This may be the result of an epidemic which was first recorded in populations south-east of the Iberian Peninsula and in the Balearic Islands at the end of 2016.

These mortalities have since spread to all the Spanish coasts as well as to many places in France and Italy (marine reserves in Banyuls, Corsica, Sicily, Sardinia). The fan mussel populations of the Principality are currently affected by this epidemic, which may affect 100% of the known population.

Beware November 17th – Petrol Prices Inflame Motorists To Block Traffic

Petrol Prices Inflame Motorists To Block Traffic

Traffic on the roads around Monaco, especially to and from Nice, may experience problems on November 17th and especially around the toll booths. Have you noticed the increase in the price of petrol? If you are driving an electric car, probably not. But most people have not yet made the transition to electric transport. So they are vulnerable to swings in the price of petrol and today’s price at the pump is enraging many motorists.

New Policies for Monaco’s Housing Market

Monaco housing

At a press meeting, Jean Castellini, Finance and Economy Minister, introduced new policies concerning housing support implemented by the Prince’s Government. Many new measures were announced which take into account the reality of Monaco’s real estate market, and, more generally, the limited size of the Principality.

The first announcement was an important advancement for the Ida 1 project.  The government just finalized the acquisition of the Villa des Platanes, which constitutes the final obstacle before the implementation of the project.

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