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Larvotto Oil Spill

An oil spill on the seaside resort of Larvotto has been cleaned up.

A hydraulic oil leak occurred during a technical problem aboard the Mimar  Sinan vessel, which was working on the seafront extension site in the Portier cove, and about fifteen litres of oil were spilled on the Larvotto seaside site on the 26th of March. According to the information provided by the operators, the oil used is the “BioBar 68” biodegradable type.

The iridescent film extended over approximately 800 m2 and stabilized at the Larvotto central T. The Jan De Nul company, owner of the Mimar Sinan ship, brought two boats from the Eco Tank company to eliminate the spill. This operation was completed around 4:30 pm on the 27th of March.

The Directorate of Maritime Affairs noted the disappearance of the iridescent shine on the water, and water quality control samples were taken by the operators on 27th of March in the late afternoon after cleaning the area and the 28th of March.

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